I’m just stuntin’ on my ex…

Why tho? Why exactly are you stuntin’ on your ex?

Y’all still out here mad and trying to get people back or make them jealous even though they made it clear that they didn’t want you?

Lol, I can’t relate. So how does this work exactly? You post pics on social media looking happy? Maybe a thirst trap or two? Better yet maybe you hit them up to let them know how happy you are? Maybe date or talk to one of their friends or something? Talk to someone who looks better?

I always see posts about people making their ex or someone they talked to jealous and being petty and I cringe. I cringe because personally, I think this is hustling backward and they probably don’t care.

Wouldn’t it be easier to not care, use that energy elsewhere or feel indifferent? Let karma handle it maybe?

Eff it, I know I am wasting my time.  Besides, that song is kind of catchy.

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