A history of my view on relationships…as told by… Phonte lyrics? – 03/01/2014

Rap or hip hop or hell even music, in general, has played a major role in my life.  I will admit as I get older the influence is not as strong but the love is still there.  As I sit here I thought about who was my favorite and the most influential rapper in my opinion (ok I said it even though the fact that this is my blog should imply this is my opinion).  Hand’s down it has to be Phonte (formerly of Little Brother).  Some people may only know him as the singing dude from Foreign Exchange and some may be like who? Lol.  In my 4 eyes, he is who I think about when NC hip hop is mentioned (followed closely by 9th wonder). Not J Cole and not even Petey Pablo lol.  The thing about musicians is that they have a way of reaching their fan base.  Look at Lil B fans, you can call him what you would like but for whatever reason he has fans and they love dude. Outside of all the other stuff, I am such a huge Phonte fan because he can rap.  I saw him destroy people in rap ciphers in my younger days, and just listen to his flow, he is a beast.  Plus his verses are relatable. From quitting football, to issues with his kid’s mother, his mother, losing his family, paying bills, to maturing as a man, love, relationships, etc. you name it and he has rapped about it.  Ok, the purpose of this blog… I want to take a trip down memory lane and attempt to share my crazy views on women, dating, and relationships through the years. I will be doing this by quoting Phonte lyrics and giving my own little spin or interpretation of the lyrics and how it applies to me at various stages of my life, should be interesting.

Little Brother – Sinners  – I’m a nasty, filthy, disgusting, arrogant/Cocky son of a you know, the word be traveling/ And my thoughts unravel when I stopped and got near to ya/ And checked out your posterior/ Oh lord it’s so gorgeous, so fine, so thorough/ Body like a goddess, it’s out of this world/ And I’d do anything to get a piece of it/ One taste, one touch, one little squeeze of it/ Let me set your body afire and be public/ Fulfill your dirty thoughts, yes indeed love it/ Not a sex therapist looking for inner peace/ I’mma sex terrorist hitting your Middle East/ And I know my sins won’t get me to the promised land/ And for eternal life my chances ain’t promising/ But I’mma find a way to shake these sinner heathens/ And take these inner demons out my life, I promise man. –  This was me in those early college years, full of myself, shallow and a pervert, lol. I kept saying that I would change but I wasn’t at that time.

Little Brother – The Beginning –  Check Tigallo up in your the spot, he’s so flagrant/ Bitch, my love sign reads no vacancy/ You might as well consider yourself vagrant. – So this is me in those early 20’s, Snoop probably said it best, “we don’t love these hoes” but I like this version better.  Not to mention I had no problem expressing these feelings to any woman who was dumb enough to listen to me.

Playaz Circle ft. Phonte – Paper Chasers – I got money, lots of jewels and fancy cars/(They say I’m wrong) But, baby don’t blame me/I’m just a paper chaser/Paid my dues and now I cruise with movie stars/They say I’m wrong) But, baby don’t blame me/I’m just a paper chaser. – I got a little more diplomatic after receiving some “fuck you’s” from telling women I’m not looking for love, it’s just physical.  My new go to was I’m chasing this money lol.  Even though I didn’t and don’t  rock jewelry, don’t know movie stars etc. the point was that I was at least “claiming” that I was chasing paper.

Little Brother – After the party – Aiyyo baby come over here lemme, let me holla at you for a minute/(“I am your conscience!”)/Nah nah I’m sayin f’real, come over here/Nah f’real let me, lemme holla at you f’real, no, no bullshit/(“I am making a total ass of myself”) Fuck nah/(“I am your conscience!”) Aiyyo check it out, ay umm/You wanna go to the Waffle House, get some food/(“I just did another pick-up line that didn’t go over/No~! What the fuck you mean no? I’m sayin yo, I’m.. aight/(“Maybe I should tell her what a famous rapper I am”)/(“Yeah – that’ll get her on my side”)/ I’m Phonte from Little Brother, you heard, you know me/”Can’t stop, won’t… stop/She’s never heard of me – WOW! What a SURPRISE!”)/ I am your conscience!”) Aight look okay maybe you got a bad mouth/Aight, whatever for, I’m just sayin/Now don’t, don’t make a nigga go home tonight man I, I/(“Maybe you should just say something nice to her and, wrap it up!”)/ I I mean, I’m just saying like, you lookin good knahmsayin/(“You’re not fucking tonight!”) Don’t let a nigga go home alone tonight/(“I am your conscience!”)/ The milk’s gone bad, the bees flew South/The honey’s all gone and the birds talkin ’bout/They ain’t hangin out cause they gotta go to work/One just had a daughter, one gotta go to church/I think I need to work, on me cause it hurts/To see every weekend eatin all my paystub/Always tryin to impress these niggas/With expensive-ass liquor I don’t even like the taste of/I think it’s sickening/Things we do to see and be seen on the scene/We seem to love it, so lost when the lights go off/We sit and we often wonder what’s the meaning of it/It’s like nobody want to live they life/They just wanna re-enact the same scene every night/Everybody’s sellin fantasies, no matter what the price/Like I’ll love you forever, but forever ends tonight/This is the last call, for the jump off express/All potential passengers please leave your pride and dignity in the parking lot/And come holla at the nigga in the red ’93 Civic/One deluxe pass, on the jump off express gets you/One meal at the 24 hour restaurant of your choice/Followed by 15 minutes of passion on my momma futon/Those with self-esteem need not apply/Out on a Friday night/ smiles and flashing lights/Where do all the lonely people go when the party’s over?/ Everybody is your friend/I hope this never ends/Cause I don’t know where lonely people go when the party’s over/Sheeit~! I think I’m just go on hit up this cookout on Capital Boulevard/Go on get me a fancy, banana pudding shake, and a side of hush puppies/Just call it a God damn night man, it’s over.  – This is when I realized the club scene wasn’t that great and I was feeling empty and I hated that I was doing the same thing every single weekend, yet I wouldn’t stop lol.  I was in denial like a bitch but such is life.  Lol, we all been there.

Little Brother – Whatever you say – Til I saw you, that’s when my heart stopped knees gave/Head sweatin’ jaws locked I was sweating you/Like god damn girl you got a nigga going buck wild/Mesmerized star struck I was thinking maybe/We can go out like to the movies or the Applebees/Blockbuster state fair. –  LOL, this is when I finally fell hard for someone, mind you my idea of dating or spending time was coming to the room or crib to chill.  Unfortunately that no longer flew so a brother had to step it up. Take her to the Applebee’s by campus.  Don’t laugh, this was fine dining, back in the day before they had the 2 for 20 lol.  Yes, I am old enough to have had to check out a movie from blockbuster.  Netflix or red box did not exist, hell I probably was still using a VCR.  The state fair…man look, down here the state fair is a big deal.  You only take you, girlfriend or wife, there, no side chicks. Seriously because EVERYBODY in your city and surrounding area was going to the fair and you would be seen by someone you knew or she knew so if I took you to the fair you were official.

Little Brother – Can’t let her – Cause we been fuckin around for too damn long/But she too damn young and I’m just too damn grown/And it feels like she laughin at me/I can’t be mad cause she wanna shake her laffy taffy/I coulda took my degree and used my business savvy/But won’t do cause I am so happily unhappy witchu/I can’t let her… –  Y’all know how it is, when you’re in that relationship that isn’t working and you keep getting treated badly but you won’t or can’t leave her? Yeah, this was me and an unnamed female from the past.  While the verse wasn’t literal I am not a rapper or in the rap game so I interpreted it literally. Fuck yo metaphor nicca lol.  Anyway, a brother couldn’t leave, you know the saying, “I’d rather be unhappy with you than happy with someone else” smh, yeah that was me.

Little Brother – Tigallo for Dolo – A lot of niggas probably mad at me/But I would rather be a lonely wolf than a sheep that’s bored/So fuck it/Be by myself. –  You know how it goes when y’all dump the one that everybody thought you should marry.  The crazy thing is most of the time your boys only say this because she looks good as hell and doesn’t even realize there is so much more to the woman and numerous reasons for the break-up.  After this one I will admit I was a little jaded and I said before I get in another pointless, relationship just because I will be by myself, fuck it.

Little Brother – Ladies Jam – How could I hate ’em when I want ’em so much? That’s the obstacle/Keepin my feelings inside, that’s what I try to do/Cause niggas said it wasn’t possible/But let me confirm, Tigallo is in love, I ain’t gon’ lie to you/And my Amy Carter giving me certain glances/Plus move that under some real wide circumstances/But it was worth the chances, I’m like Fish in the Matrix/Hoping she’s the one and ain’t no replacing/Done fucked my head up like bitches with braces/Thinkin bout our warm hugs, soft kissin embraces/And I ain’t done feelin it cause/Tigallo done had showdowns with hoes in old towns and slum villages/And it don’t compare to you, point blank period/You are that midnight star that’s got me curious/Shinin like Sirius, yes I’m seriously/Thinkin bout our future, this is how real it is. – This has happened to me like twice since I turned 30 lol.  I have probably felt this way about 2 or 3 women in my life and it happened so damn fast smh.  This usually happens after I go through my jaded, fuck these women, fuck a relationship stages. Don’t judge me, I am hurting lol.  All jokes aside there is probably no better feeling than this, outside of maybe the birth of my son or when I get that six figure job lol.  When you fall in love, and it’s unexpected. They be all on your mind all day and shit, you be turning down fine ass women etc. Ok let me snap out of it, maaaan what I wouldn’t give to feel like this again.  Well not only feel like this but have things actually work out with the person.

Little Brother – Slow it Down – Cause every man remembers/How his Daddy and his Uncles did it/Cause more than likely that’s the way they’re gonna do it/I know it sound fucked up and most won’t admit it/But yo, I gotta face it cause I know I’m living through it/Cause when the party stops and niggas get old/And the chain and the cars and the houses get sold/And that/Other side of the bed gets cold/You don’t wanna be alone/So girl I’m trynna hold you. – We all hit this stage at some point…shit, get’s old…I miss her… I don’t wanna be alone for… see y’all thought I was about to simp, nope, I’ll do that later tonight in my empty bed while watching porn, like a real negro lol.

So there you have it if you are still reading this thanks, if not I understand also lol. I am always amazed how I have this uncanny ability to take any topic and make it about me smh. This is just a small portion of the hundreds, well thousands of verses that Phonte has rapped. If you don’t take anything else from this post I hope you realize that Phonte is one of the greatest rappers ever. As I reminisced while writing this I was feeling good like “man I have come a long way” only to realize that 13 years later and I am still single. I don’t know how I should feel about that. I guess the point is that there is growth? Lol Hell, I don’t know. I’m trying and it’s rough out here. Matter of fact that should be Phonte’s next single “It’s Rough out Here”. Be like “I’m looking for love every fucking where/man it’s rough out here/ from Wal-mart to twitter to the moms at my son’s after school care/ man it’s rough out here/ I’m tired of people telling me “nigga it’s your year”/man it’s rough out here” lol now see, this is why I quit rapping years ago, I suck smh.

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