Checking out 

So there is this rumor that women are generally better communicators than men.

I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on that one lol. Then again maybe this only applies to when they are checking out of a relationship or situationship or whatever it is yall have going on.

Wait, maybe their form of communication is non-verbal because man. When y’all checkout y’all checkout. What is even funnier is that I don’t know what it is about us as men. We seem to always have the worst timing and want to salvage things or try to make things work once it’s too late.

Fellas we have to pay attention to the signs. I hate admitting this but once whatever it is she used to complain about stops she is probably over it and you. If she doesn’t communicate with you as much as she used to, it’s a sign. If the things you used to do that made her happy no longer have a similar impact she is gone. Oh yeah and if the sex ain’t happening like it used to? Bye baby.

See? Simple enough. I was going to add something about being jealous or commenting on social media but every woman isn’t that way so I’ll let it go. However, if she doesn’t get mad about another woman trying to flirt or using certain emojis under your pic? She gone. Now let me add another one that is quite personal.

Now let me add another one that is quite personal. If you go out of town together and she posts everything but you? Man look? Lol  (snapchat doesn’t count because that only lasts 24 hours) she gone. Can’t front she posted all her friends, sites and even some random person but not me. Needless to say, you know how this ended… she left lol.

So smarten up fellas and don’t be so slow. Pay attention to the nonverbal even more than the verbal. it will save you from embarrassment and wasting of your time. I’m just saying, you could have missed out on the woman who is truly meant for you because you were out here trying to save a dead situation with someone who is already gone and probably already in the early talking stages with your replacement lol.


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