As much as I hate being rejected I’m certain I hate rejecting someone even more.

I am a pretty self-aware person with a nice imagination so when I get rejected I come up with some pretty logical conclusions. Whether that be after a date or a year down the line. Fortunately, I have yet to say it was because the woman was a bitch or stupid. Don’t be that guy fella lol.

Rejecting someone, however, is tough for me. This is probably why I tend not to date as much. I just don’t feel like going through that process. it has to be difficult to put your best foot forward, give someone your all, take all of these risks and put yourself out there only for the person interested in you to basically say “Nah, I don’t want this shit”. I don’t get how people can brag about it. I usually damn near get sick having to tell a woman I don’t want to deal with her anymore. It usually turns into me trying to explain why I’m no good for her and how there is bigger (yes I go there) and better out there for her as well as a chance to find real happiness. It will always be me not her that is at fault and yes I will add that she is a great person. That rarely works and instead can turn into them liking me more, bargaining, or trying to work things out and do them more my way.

So then I try the mean approach. The only problem with that is I don’t like cursing or being mean to people so they mistake that for me not really meaning what I say.

So eventually I just block them.

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