The B word…

The date was going great. We were connecting, having great convo and the chemistry was excellent. I looked in her eyes and smiled. She smiled back. I had to tell her before the date ended, now was my moment.

“Sooooo I know this is random but, I’m on a budget”… record skips *

Her smile turns into a blank look. She is like what exactly does that mean. I explain that it means that I’m quite frugal lol. She laughs and tells me “oh that’s nothing, I have my own.” I smile and think to myself “I hear you”.

The following week she mentions a concert that she is interested in attending. I take the hint and pull out my book and Google the concert. Hmm, 110 bucks for 2 tickets. That’s a week and a half worth of grocery, almost 3 weeks on the metro, 3 haircuts and an edge up. I’m sure she will probably want to have dinner or at the very least drinks. That’s gonna be at least double the 110. Lol and this isn’t my pay week. Eff that.

That is exactly how my mind works. I swear I blame my father for this curse of frugality.

It’s not all my fault though. If women would allow me to make the dates or set up something I am sure it would go much differently. I mean they don’t call me the king of Groupon for no reason lol.

I often wonder if the reason that I am not married is because of me being so damn frugal. Because generally what happens is once I turn a woman down a few times she moves on. In her mind, I am a time wasting fuck boy.

I always laugh at this because I could be the “you wanna come thru” guy. As of 5/10/17, no good has still come of that. It usually leads to sex, a blurring of lines, me getting caught up in a routine and eventually the woman feeling like an object.

The funny thing is I have no issues in a relationship. I am able to date frequently, go places, buy things and it’s no problem. I just have to actually get to that point first.

So I guess in the meantime I am going to have to tweak my budget lol.

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