Doing it for me

I know some of yall like the burly, bearded, Gerald Levert, Prince Fielder type brothers. I understand how important cuddling may be to you. I get it, I swear I do but umm, that can’t be me, not anymore.

As I finally got consistent with my diet and working out I heard the same things from the opposite sex. “Why you trying to lose weight”, “Don’t lose too much weight”, “You look good enough as is”, “I prefer bigger guys”.

Silly negro, you actually think your opinion of my appearance would impact what I want to do with or to my body? Are you really that arrogant?

While I never said that outwardly that was what I felt as women told me reasons why I shouldn’t lose weight. Of course, I found the hypocrisy in these comments considering how many women are objectified by men or always told by men what they think they should or shouldn’t do to their body but I digress.

What baffles me, even more, are usually the women who tell me this never gave me the time of day. haven’t even let me get a whiff of the p… nevermind, yall get where I am going with this.

Why does it seem that losing weight is almost frowned upon or being in the gym a lot when it comes to men? I used to think that this was a southern thing but I was sadly mistaken. I hear the same things living in DC.

What are you afraid of? Why can’t we look like the cut up, swole brother’s who’s pictures y’all always like on IG? Help me understand.

I recently began to take my health seriously for a few reasons. I didn’t like feeling sluggish and heavy, I am getting older, working out is a safe way to relieve stress, keep me out of trouble and the number one reason, I am the 3rd oldest male on my Dad’s side of the family.

I am only 34 years old. That’s not good. There is also a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart trouble and other various ailments in my family. Soooo yeah, maybe I need to take my health a little more seriously.

Soooo yeah, it was past time for me to take it seriously.

I understand cancer can happen or I could get shot by a cop, hit by a bus or a freakish accident could happen but that is life. In the meantime, if I am fortunate enough to stay on this earth another 40 years or so I would like to have a nice quality of living.

So fuck you and your preference lol. This ain’t for you, this is for me.

Also to my ladies out there, do not let your friends or men try to discourage you from getting in shape if that is what you desire to do. If that is what you want to do, do it. If you are ok with how you look physically that is even better, embrace it and be happy. Can’t please everyone but damn at the very least try to please yourself.

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