No more hero worship

I like social media. Especially the fact that it allows us to interact and almost have a personal relationship or get a window into seeing what or who our favorite athletes, entertainers, and celebrities are. You know, behind the screen, tv, songs or a coached responses.

Upon further review maybe this is too much access. I think I liked it better when I didn’t know so much about them. Now it is damn near difficult to cheer for them or like their music or movies because it show’s how human and fucked up they are… just like us.

Then again maybe this is what we need. A taste of reality. Something to prevent us from romanticizing these people, obsessing and damn near worshipping them. All because they have talent and money.

At the same time maybe some of the famous want to tone it down and keep the mystique there. I say that because there are some artists who I won’t even support anymore because of something stupid they posted on social media.

See, I changed my mind in less than 200 words. I am for all of the access again, maybe it can prevent so many of us from all of the hero worship lol. I am sure the Beyhive, LeBron stans or whoever else has a strong following would agree.


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