The cycle – 07/14/2014

Fellas, this ever happen to you continuously only after a few weeks of dating?

Her: You are treating me like I’m your girlfriend, it confuses me. We are acting like there is a title so we should just make it official.

Me: Wait, so because I am actually courting you and dating you and taking you out and being exclusive that is a problem?  That confuses you?  Hell, I practice like I play, so of course, I am treating you like I am in a relationship with you because that is what I want to happen. However, we still need to take the time to get to know each other.

Me: Ok well let me scale it back.

Her: I need more time with you. It hasn’t been but like a month.

Me: I give you all of my free time though and I make time when there really isn’t much.

Her: I am tired of you playing games, we need to be a couple.

Me: Nah, as a matter of fact, you are being annoyed and not respecting or listening to me.  I refuse to rush into anything again, if you can’t respect that then move on.

Me: This isn’t going to work. I need to end this.  If we continue I will only grow to dislike you.

Her: See you just want to go be a hoe

Me: No, I am drained, you took all of my energy.  I am tired and I am wasting your time.  Go find someone who is ready to be with you after a few weeks.  Don’t waste your time with me anymore.  Good luck.

Then, of course, I no longer text or contact the person. Smh, a vicious cycle.

It’s not always the women though, I was once on the other end of this situation and tried to make someone be in a relationship before they weren’t quite ready…but the other 98% of the time it has been them rushing it lol.

So yeah, this is the cycle, I hate it with a passion.

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