The texting struggle…

So what’s the rule on texting when talking or getting to know someone? I’m talking in the early stages, like the first few weeks.

I ask because I struggle with this from time to time with the opposite sex. I am all about taking accountability so I know that I am not always a great texter, may offer dry convo at times, could be busy or I may not have anything much to say. I am also aware that just because a woman gave me her number or entertains my convo from time to time it doesn’t mean that she is necessarily that interested. So now that we got this out of the way let’s speak on the times that I am actually engaged, or have free time and I am texting someone consistently. It can be quite frustrating when I text someone a few times and get no response from them until maybe day’s later. That’s fine, you’re not my woman so it is what it is. Charge it to the game.

I imagine that there is some kind of hierarchy in a single woman’s phone. You have her friends and family who hit her up. Then they may have an ex who contacts them frequently. Then there is the guy who is really pressed blowing her up. Then maybe the other guy they’re talking to or getting to know and then some randoms they gave their attention to either out of boredom, a suggestion from friends or maybe they were drunk. Then there is the guy they may actually like or the one she is waiting to act right. So I fully understand how the texts that I sent on Monday could not get answered until Wednesday. Hell, I may be number 10 – 15 in the text log lol.

After that 5th unanswered text you gotta take that hint. Hell probably the 3rd one.

Lol, I get it. Obviously, I didn’t or haven’t done anything to stand out so maybe I am not worthy of a response. That is ok but don’t, I mean DO NOT hit me up days later asking why I didn’t or don’t hit you up. Like damn, bad enough yall ignore a brother but you don’t have to patronize him too.

Then of course the narrative will be that I wasn’t interested or didn’t show enough initiative. Probably even accuse a brother of wanting to be chased or something lol. Which is so far from the truth.

So yeah, happy texting!

2 Replies to “The texting struggle…”

  1. I hate texting. I’m not saying I don’t do it but I definitely do. I either text too much or not enough. I take too long to reply or I reply too quickly. I feel like you can never get it right.


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