Blogging…and my love life 

Maybe my fellow male bloggers can relate.

I have been blogging off and on for probably a decade now and there has been one constant. It never mixes well with my relationships or dating.

Of course, it doesn’t start off that way. Most women seem to be intrigued or think that it’s cool that I blog and like to write. They support, encourage it and tell me how great or wonderful it is.

Then they begin to like me and shit hits the fan.

All of a sudden everything I write becomes over analyzed and they no longer like my blogging. “You talking about me” or “Why are you even talking about this subject, it is disrespectful to me” smh. Of course, I attempt to explain that my posts are random thoughts and sometimes opinions on things that have nothing to do with me personally. Hell, I make a conscious effort to never blog about any situation I am going through with whoever I am dealing with.

Then it turns into you communicate more on this blog than with me. “Why didn’t you talk to me about this” lol ok so do you want to really discuss why I think Russell Wilson is a good quarterback or do you want to talk about other topics that we know always lead to arguments? I swear. What is even funnier is that these posts are generally written during downtime at work or late at night when I can’t sleep. So you are probably working or asleep anyway. Not to mention that writing is pretty effortless for me. Most average 10 to 15 minutes tops. I have even written posts on my phone at times. You know this probably explains all of my grammatical errors, maybe it should take me longer to write lol. The only posts that actually take time are the ones that require me to do research. Also, I would never write when I am with you or put the process of writing before spending time together.

It’s quite a conundrum lol. Over the years it has felt like I had to decide between my hobby or my woman?

Ok, I’m lying ain’t no conundrum. I was writing before you and well, I am sure I will be writing after you if it comes to that. Writing is a hobby, a stress reliever and something that I actually enjoy. Hell, I will be writing until I die lol. At the same time, it can be extremely frustrating to have something so minor come between you and your significant other.

So yeah, let’s hope that the next woman I am in a relationship with gets it, smh. If not? Well, you know the rest.

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