One of my friends were complaining about women, no shock there. We tend to talk a lot about what we love the most. Just not always in the most positive light lol.

His issue was how women can be annoying, and irrational at times. Especially with their hope to find a great guy, relationship and eventually a husband. Yet in the same breath saying all men “ain’t shit” or “fuck boys ” or “all cheat”.

No argument from me. Hell, I have met women who have bashed men all day to me and in the same convo ask what’s up with me. Lol oh Nah, I’m not here to change your mind and make you realize ” oh they aren’t all the same” this ain’t a movie or meme. Nor am I at a stage where I feel like paying for the previous man’s mistakes and putting up with all the extra BS that comes with that. So yeah.

Even with all of that being said I do understand the dilemma that women and men go through while dealing with the opposite sex. As I continued listening to my boy I decided that I would try to explain it to him in terms that would be a little more relatable.

I asked him who was his favorite basketball team and he said the Washington Wizards. Ok. I then asked how often has he complained about the team, said that the team sucked or that he was no longer going to support them. I also asked how much money and time has he invested into that team? Better yet how many times has he got his hopes up only to be let down by the team? (As he tried to explain I cut him off. I was on a roll lol. So I continued) Also, despite that and their history at the beginning of every season or every time the team does anything remotely correct or right you get excited, get your hopes up and think “this is our year” or “this is our time” only to usually get let down in the end.

So am I reaching or does the fan to sport’s team relationship sound eerily reminiscent of the relationship between some women and men?

Lol, and this is why you should be a little more hesitant when judging others and at least attempt to understand where they are coming from. I will admit that I will never understand the opposite sex but at the very least I can relate and empathize at times. Oh yeah, sorry about last night Wizards fans.


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