A few weeks ago a photo surfaced of Cam Newton wearing floral print rompers. I didn’t think much of it. Typical Cam Newton stuff. I put him in the class of people like Russell Westbrook. These men wear crazy, androgynous type stuff.

Of course, the jokes flew about Cam. Questioning his sexuality and calling him strange. Nothing new there. When it comes to social media nothing or no one is off topic.

After a day or two, that story died down. Ok cool, that’s about the norm. You rarely see anything be a real story longer than 72 hours.

So imagine my surprise this week when I saw hundreds of posts about the male version of a romper called “RompHim” lol. So this is actually a thing? Well alright.

A romphim is basically a one piece short set lol. Not sure if it snaps in the middle.

My opinion on it? Um, ok. I am still at this indifferent, self-absorbed stage. Which in regards to this topic basically means I don’t care what another person is doing or wearing. Has nothing to do with me. Besides fashion isn’t my thing, I had to go on YouTube just to tie my tie a month ago lol.

With all of that being said the reactions that I see are amusing. There seem to be two sides of the coin on this new fashion trend. We have the men and women calling it gay or feminine. Then you have the women who have no issue with it, and men who have no issue with it because these women seem to like it. (We also have people who are just here for jokes and do not really care one way or the other but who wants to talk about them?)

I always assumed that women and gay men were the major forces behind fashion. They generally create and design what we wear. (No, I am not saying all men in fashion are gay and if so big deal lol). Then you have the celebs who wear the clothes and make it popular. Then once women like it and say it is ok to wear, men will soon follow and like it and wear it as well. So to be quite honest that is how I think this fashion trend will go.

Once again nothing is wrong with that.

I am conflicted by the “it looks gay” or “it looks feminine crowd”. Technically the last time I looked up the word gay it involved having sex with someone the same sex as you. So wearing a romphim will not make you gay. However, it could give that appearance to some people who may not be as open minded. I am not going to sit here and lie to you and say that appearance does not matter. 9/10 that is all that we have to go off of when judging someone. That split second is what we use to decide whether we like someone, should fear them, want to talk to them, etc. So if you see a man who looks like a bum you will assume he is a bum. If you see a woman who may be dressed like a stripper (whatever they dress like, I’m not quite sure) you will assume as such. So to some of you seeing a man dressed this way will make you assume he may like men. If that is how you want to carry it so be it. Hell, your future King could be out here in a romphim and you missed out because you thought he was sweet lol. To the men who seem to care why exactly? If he is gay that’s just one less guy to worry about when it comes to pursuing a woman. Plus, we are really too old to care about what the next man is doing or fucking. Seriously.

To the crowd who has no issue with it good for you. You like what you like, however it doesn’t mean everyone else does. I just hope you are this open minded when it comes to other trends i.e. skirts, makeup or whatever else men may begin to wear. Give us consistency. Also to the men who are just doing it because women like it. I get it, the vagina does make the world go round’ lol but damn, get a backbone. Wear it because you want to, not because you think it will make someone like you. Mess around and keep doing things because someone else likes it or may like it and you will lose yourself or compromise who you really are.

Another thing I noticed? The jokes women posted. Y’all really hate how men approach you or treat you after sex huh?


Lol and to any older man who has something to say about these romphims just take a look at what y’all wore in the early 80’s, 70’s and 60’s.




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