What hands?

Our grandparents are and were tougher than us. While racism still exists they really experienced racism and segregation. They were beaten, had dogs attack them, crosses burned, harassed by police, thrown in jail, lynched, shot at, faced blatant discrimination daily and were threatened.They saw their leaders being assassinated if they talked too much and lived in fear on a daily basis.

So when I t-shirts like this I just shake my head. It implies that our grandparents were weak, soft and allowed things to happen to them. I am sure that Grandpa and Grandma tried to fight back… until they saw a friend get lynched, beat up or killed. Even then many continued to fight despite the risk of being injured or killed or placed in jail.

Meanwhile, this generation’s idea of protesting or standing up for something is usually a hashtag or post on social media. You rarely see anyone on the front line and the fear has changed from “they might lynch us” to “they might fire us” lol. I get it and I understand but at the same time don’t be disrespectful to those who fought for you and before you. Take a good hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself and realize who you are. Admit what you really will and won’t do. Don’t be that guy. You know the “if I were a slave I wouldn’t have…” wouldn’t have what? Picked cotton? Listened to master? You would have risked your life to be free? Newsflash, we generally listen to master from 9-5 but nevermind. It is ok, I am not here to judge. I am sure you would be like Nat Turner or someone.

I’m annoyed, no wait what is the saying, “I’m triggered” lol. FOH with this shirt.

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