No Baecation…

I really thought 2017 was going to be my year. Memorial Day 2017, I am going on a baecation. Which is basically a vacation with your significant other. Now that could be a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, baby momma/daddy, boo, bae, the woman you hitting raw/man you let hit you raw or the one woman/man you seem to hang around the most, your sponsor or your side dude or side chick. Whatever works lol.

I was ready. I was no longer using the excuse that it costs too much to take a woman on vacation in comparison to going alone or with your boys. Yes, you may have to spend more money going out to eat and maybe shopping but with careful planning, the usage of Groupon and some creativity I know I could make it work and stick to my budget.

Now this baecation was going to be legit. Not only would I be taking a woman with me to vacation I would also post pictures of us together on various forms of social media and she would do the same.

Lol. Be real. How many of you have seen various men and women go on vacations and see all of the pictures and wonder to yourselves “who is taking those pics” or “who is he/she with”? I can admit that my nosy ass has pondered this on more than one occasion. In fact, I have been that guy before. Taking pictures of the woman I was with and either not being in them because I didn’t want to be seen (we don’t want everyone in our business, you know how people hate) or because she didn’t want me to be seen (Ouch).

This year was supposed to be different. Had my prospect and it didn’t work out. So now what? I still want to get away. Been working on this body and prepping to get out of DC for a few days to enjoy myself so now what?

Maybe I should still go where I originally planned to go, just by myself. Nah, I don’t want to be “that guy”.

Then I remembered. My boys are doing something for Memorial day and while I did originally decline they were nice enough to say you can still roll.

So I went from planning to be on a nice beach, booed up, caking, holding hands and shit to getting drunk and wilding out with 5 of my boys in ratchet ass Vegas.

Lol, no need to be sad about it though. Something tells me I will have more fun in Vegas anyway. Hope my liver is ready.

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