13 Break Up Songs

I was reading another blog and saw a top 10 list of break up songs. So I figured I would do the same except I will give you 13… along with a brief explanation, memory or my mindset at the time. I know I can’t be the only person who will hear a song and it reminds them of an ex or of a situation. Anyway, here goes the list and yes I know there are hundreds of other break up songs but who has the time to make a long list of them (well who besides me, smh really need a new hobby).

The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco – The title tells it all, the show does indeed go on, so suck that shit up.

Where Did We Go Wrong – LTD – Ever have a break-up and you don’t know what happened? Like literally things were going well and then boom, shit just goes bad and you try to fix it. Does that ever work? Asking for a friend lol.

My Ex-Girlfriend – Tony! Toni! Tone! – The hook goes like this “my ex-girlfriend, girlfriend, is a hoooeeeeee”. Lol how this song relates to me, well I once found out my girl had a seeking arrangements account and was also talking to other dudes while we were together. Seeking arrangements is a website for Sugar daddies and sugar babies lol.

Just A Friend – Biz Markie – Self-explanatory. Wonder if she is still with her “friend”.

Superman – Eminem – “They call me Superman/Leap tall hoes in a single bound/I’m single now”. This song was extremely relatable but what stood out to me was that verse because it just so happened that my ex was 6’1 so I found the leap tall hoes in a single bound line amusing.

There It Is – Ginuwine – Said I work my fingers down to the bone /I put it down from 9 to 5 so you should know /(You wanna know what else?) /And I bust my ass so you can live good/Yes I do, girl/Now all I want you to do is what you should /There it is
See there it is (there it is baby)/That ungrateful shit/There you go again, complanin’ /What your aim is/I dont know but I’m…/ I’m not doing this shit for nothing – She kept complaining about my work schedule, even though I gave her all of my free time on top of everything. Eventually, I had to let her go.

(I Know) I’m Losing You – The Temptations – Your love is fading I can feel your love fading/ Woman it’s fading away from me/ ‘Cause your personal touch has grown cold/
as if someone else controls your very soul/ I fooled myself long as I can/ I can feel the presence of another man.

It’s there when you speak my name/It’s just not the same/ Oh honey I’m losing you
I can feel it in the air, it’s there everywhere/ Oh I’m losing you – She done checked out and replaced you bruh.

It’s Ok – Slimm Calhoun – “All these lonely girls want to cut…. it’s ok….. /Thats aiight girl, that’s ok / Keep callin me an beggin me an blowin me up… it’s ok……/ Thats aiight girl, that’s ok. After a tough break-up I came to the reality that there are thousands of other women out here who will give me a shot, so no need to bitch about it.

Thinking With My Dick – Kevin Gates – Ain’t too pretty in the face/ but she super thick/ I’m just thinking with my dick/ My shit dumb – Man she wasn’t much to look at but she had a fat booty and the sex was great so I cuffed her because of those reasons alone. Don’t judge me, it’s no more shallow than choosing a woman because she has a pretty face. Either way, never again.

Love Don’t Love Me – Eric Benet – All I ever needed I could never find / All I ever wanted was to get it right/ Somebody tell me what is wrong with me / I wasn’t sure, but I know now I believe, that it must be (Must be) /Love don’t love me – After about that 3rd or 4th failed relationship a brother felt like he may never get things right.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya – ODB – The hook “Ooh, baby, I like it raw/ Yeah baby, I like it raw/ Ooh, baby, I like it raw/ Yeah baby, I like it raw – Don’t judge me but I was missing the joy’s of being in a trusting, fully committed relationship… the unprotected sex lol.

Before I Let You Go – Blackstreet – “Before I let you go, before I let you go/ Can I get a kiss, goodnight, baby” – To be honest I knew it was basically over and I was just trying to have sex again one last time, hell I had to get something out of it.

Say Goodbye – Chris Brown – This entire song is me trying to end things with someone and being as nice as possible about it and taking all the blame. “Girl it’s not you it’s me…”

Nothing wrong with reminiscing and laughing at yourself and situations you went through, just try not to dwell on them. It’s funny, as bad as some of these break ups or endings of situations were I didn’t die. Go figure lol.

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