Women and this gym myth

Who you working out for? Women?

Nope, it’s for me.

Lol you know there is this narrative that women like muscular or in shape men.

I’m beginning to think that this may be a false narrative. At least in my experience. Now there could be other variables such as my looks, personality and other things that are the reason I’m failing but that would kill the point I’m trying to make in this blog post.

I will say this, I received way more attention when I was built like Prince Fielder lol.

Don’t get me wrong women like to look at in shape men. I see the posts, retweets, and likes on pics of in shape dudes with six packs and shit. Yet when you see pics of who these women are actually with? Well, these dudes look and are built nothing like the men they are thirsting after.

Now if I wanted to be petty I could also say it makes sense tho. I have seen what yall fathers look like and well you should humble yourselves like your mother did lol. I saw this meme which said the same about men and their mothers so it’s only right that I flipped it.

I feel like that being in shape thing or being attractive is low on women’s lists. Especially my age group, the over 30 crowd. They want security, job stability, a few bucks so he can at least take care of himself and do stuff for you on occasion lol. Not be on the DL, actually single, not a drug or a domestic abuser, you know stuff like that. This explains why I see so many men who aren’t in shape being in relationships. Seriously, all my chubby and fat home boys are in some form of a relationship. Lol, and you know what else I noticed? Almost every amateur porn or social media celebrity video I see the dude that be getting it in with these women are usually out of shape.

I imagine that back in the day people would equate wealth with weight. I mean if a dude is doing well there is a chance that he is also eating good and in turn may be a little fat. Hell, if I see my friends gained weight it means either he is doing well financially or he is happy with his significant other.

So what is the stigma with guys who workout? Narcissist, overcompensation for small dicks? Will force you to live that life and make you look like a bodybuilder? Dumb, have a lot of women? What is it?

I’m not even in good shape yet and I notice the different reactions or change in conversation with women. In almost every convo I’m being told a story about how they need to work out “like me” or just volunteer their fitness goals or story or give me a disclaimer. It’s amusing because I have an idea of what you look like and obviously it doesn’t bother me and I’m no fitness junkie. I’m just trying to get in shape and relieve stress in a healthy way. Not here to judge you or make you feel insecure. Relax.

As far as the stigmas go. I don’t see an issue with wanting to look good. We all do in some capacity. Hell, we all have a narcissistic side to us lowkey. As far as the small dick thing it applies to steroid use if I’m not mistaken. So it won’t shrink naturally lol? The funny thing is that I see so many in shape men with women who aren’t exactly in shape. Also, nothing is wrong with being muscular, I am not sure why some women think that if they work out for a month they will look “manly” (whatever that is) lol or lose their breast or something. Stop it. Dumb? Um I mean I can still read or acquire knowledge outside of the gym. So lifting hasn’t impacted me in that capacity. Then there is that have a lot of women thing. I do think more women notice you but it’s not as if they speak or approach you. Not to mention do you know how disciplined you have to be to get in shape? Take me for example, I have to get up at 4 am, I go to the gym 6 days a week and I try not to eat certain foods like dairy, fried foods, beef, pork, bread, etc. So if I am so disciplined that I can turn down a fresh box of fried chicken wings from Popeye’s with two biscuits and a mixed Strawberry and Orange Fanta isn’t it plausible that if I were in a relationship I would also be disciplined enough to turn down the sexual advances of another woman? Not to mention when would I really have time to do all of that stuff?

Just saying…


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