Unsolicited Advice

I hate unsolicited advice more than I hate wearing suits… and that’s saying a lot. Nothing annoys me more than having a conversation with someone and them telling me “well if I were you..” or “what you should do…” followed by some advice that I didn’t ask for nor care to hear.

Why do people do that?

Think about it, when has giving someone unsolicited advice been a good idea? Better yet when have you ever really appreciated unsolicited advice from another person?

It annoys me to no end. Especially when usually the advice comes from someone more screwed up than you are and stating obvious things that you already know.

If you want to give unsolicited advice start a blog (ha) or make a post on social media or have a kid.

Outside of that STFU, please. I think I am either going to begin to ask the person “who asked you”, give them some unsolicited advice about themselves or just walk away while they talk. Seriously, mid-sentence just get up and walk away without saying a word.

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