Too short

He can have multiple kids by different women, maybe a criminal record, a domestic incident, a known cheater, no job or broke and you may give him a shot but let him be short and it’s a resounding “Hell No” lol.

What is it about short men that make some of you women say no so quickly? Afraid the kids will be short? You don’t feel as safe? He may have a Napolean complex? You think people will talk about you? The penis myth?

Personally being tall is overrated unless you are an athlete. Outside of maybe women being more receptive to your advances I really see no benefit from it. It is harder to find clothes that you may like. People make assumptions that you play sports and if you don’t you have to hear them ask why not? When you are in the bathroom stall people can see you. You have a longer way to go down when you do squats. I’m just saying, it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

Let me go back to some of the reasons women may say no so quickly to a short man. The fear of short kids. Well, I understand and I suppose having tall kids are a bonus if they play sports but personally, I would prefer that my kid would look attractive more than them being tall. Maybe it is the not feeling safe thing. Since when has height meant that a man can protect you? Most of the best fighters I see out here are short. Plus if a man has a gun it doesn’t matter how tall you are. Wait there is the Napolean complex, right? Lol, almost all men have some kind of complex and way of overcompensating for it. At least this one is easy to diagnose. It could be because people will joke or talk about you. Newsflash, people talked just as much about you when you were single and will continue to talk about you no matter if your significant other is tall or short, fat or skinny. It doesn’t matter.

I get it, I get it, we all are allowed to have preferences when we are looking for a potential partner. I understand.

Now what I find amusing at times is that these same women will harass a man because he may not want a woman who may be a little on the heavier side, or maybe he likes a certain type of hair or maybe a certain race or he doesn’t want someone taller than him. Of course, when he does this he is a terrible, ashy man, maybe even a fuckboy who doesn’t deserve love from any woman lol.

You know, upon further evaluation those reasons I listed are looking a little funny in the light. Let’s just admit it and get it over with. Men and women can be very shallow. It could be how they look, their physical build, status, financial stability or whatever reason you came up with. Once again there is nothing wrong with that. It is ok to embrace it and admit it, no one will judge you and even if they do you should be happy so it shouldn’t matter.

Just know that if years from now when you are in your 40’s and 50’s complaining about how you can’t find a good man or someone to treat you right stop and think for a second. Maybe the perfect guy was shorter than you and you curved him years ago lol.


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