You already know what day it is good old Wednesday. AKA Hump Day aka the middle of the week and according to social media, it is also known as Woman Crush Wednesday.

I don’t really like #WCW and this post will probably be a little biased. Hell, the only two women I ever posted as a Woman Crush Wednesday dumped my ass lol, however, this is not why I have an issue with it.

My issue, or maybe my question is why does it seem to matter so much and hold so much weight? I get the IG models or women with websites selling pics, videos or whatever requesting people to post them as their #WCW. Get your hustle on ladies.

That is where my understanding stops. I saw a post and caption that confused me. The post stated that “All these beautiful women with normal jobs and natural bodies don’t get enough credit these days” followed by a brief commentary that natural women don’t get as many likes on pics and aren’t usually guy’s #WCWs.

So this is where we want to set the bar? Likes on pictures and being a #WCW. I mean with the pay discrepancies between men and women, the way that some men treat women and other forms of discrimination this is where you want to go? Lol, ok.

Help me understand what is so important about this. Do the likes improve your self-esteem or make you feel better about yourself? I mean I can relate, I posted a workout video once and someone I was crushing on liked it so I was feeling myself for a good 15 minutes. Then it was back to reality which at the time was, she probably won’t even text my ass back lol. Maybe these likes last longer for y’all? If so, I am hating my ass off.

The thing about these likes and #WCW’s, unless they are coming from good friends or your significant other they probably mean, “you look good and I want to smash if the opportunity presented itself”. Which once again can be flattering to some and a great opportunity. I mean who doesn’t like a compliment and potential for an orgasm? Just don’t get mad when the dude who made you the crush sends that unsolicited dick pic or is only trying to have sex with you lol.

So once again, help me understand what the importance of this is.

I once had a woman or two complain that I didn’t make them my #WCW on social media. My argument was that I don’t make anyone my #WCW. It was then explained to me that I should be her biggest fan and that it came off as if I were hiding her. Translation: I need to be validated via social media. Then again it could have meant that maybe she ain’t trust my ass lol. As if posting a woman as a #WCW ever stopped a man from, nevermind.

You know what let me stop being so damn negative. I know I am raining on people’s parade and as much as people have going on in their lives maybe some guy liking a picture or making you their crush makes you feel better. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. Besides, a little compliment here or there never hurt anyone.

So get it how you live and hopefully someone makes you a #WCW today…

I just know it won’t be me, I learned my lesson lol.


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