Working those angles

I’m fed up. We have to address this epidemic in our community.

Y’all are killing me lying about your body type on social media. Taking all these pictures using angles and filters. All your avi’s are head shots, maybe you are taking that picture with the arm up so you look slimmer or maybe you are just using older pictures.

Cut that shit out… men.

Yes, I am talking about men. Ladies you get to sit this one out. Speaking of my sister’s they aren’t the only one’s out here faking it. We are so often to give them a hard time but the men are doing it too, hell they seem to be worse. Posting these pictures when they were in shape and fooling the women they meet online.

What brought out this rant you may ask? Well someone was exposed on twitter. Apparently, a guy flew out to meet a woman and the woman apparently had a BF and there was some story about kicking him out because he attempted to have her pay for a pizza. Well, it was something like that, a typical bad flyout story, I didn’t read the entire story and who knows the actual truth. Hell, the story isn’t exactly what caused the rant, what was interesting was how big the gentleman was. Looking at this guy’s Avi you wouldn’t have realized that he was built like the Staypuff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters or the Michelin Tire Man.

So I say this because I care, ladies do not fall for the trap. Make these men send full body pictures, check the filename of the pictures that they send you because sometimes that actually will have the date of the picture. Also, there is a timer picture on iPhones and Androids so there is no excuse as to why someone can’t take a full body picture. Better yet, maybe just maybe you need to talk to the local dudes who you can actually see and meet in person lol. Just saying.

Either way, remember that Calvin cares if no one else does. I just want my sister’s out here to stop getting fooled by these men working these angles and lying.

Lol and if you are curious as to why I know about all of these angles and tricks it’s simple, I used to do all that shit.

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