How to spot a Hoe

Memorial Day weekend was hilarious.

One thing I took from it were ways to spot a hoe. Now when I say hoe I dont want you to be confuse that with a sexually liberated woman. When I say hoe I mean someone who is using sex to help them gain money or something of value.

So here are some signs. If she asks you, damn near begs you to buy her and her friends drinks, food and maybe weed. All while talking about how money ain’t nothing, she may be a hoe. If she doesn’t have a room or somewhere to crash she may be a hoe. You out here in a different city but no room to stay in? Hmmm.

Oh yeah, and if you are about to engage in a sexual activity and she asks you for money before it happens. Lol, well she is a hoe.

You’re welcome 😂

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