Don’t bother 

One of my boys told me that I sometimes lack effort when it comes to the opposite sex. Of course I disagreed with him. He then told me that I do not compromise enough and again I disagreed. So of course him being the asshole that he is he decided to give an example.

He told me how my ex complained about my schedule over and over and eventually I left her alone over it instead of making a change or sticking it out.

First of all my schedule couldn’t change but that’s neither here nor there. I decided to not even use that excuse. Instead I was just going to tell him how it is. Well how I am.

If I can’t or if I dont want to do what you want me to do I’ll leave you alone. I promise I won’t make you beg me or tell you I can change knowing I’m probably not. Why waste our time. I mean I can change…Maybe but why?

Hear me out.

Effort is attractive but you know what else is attractive? Honesty is attractive. Being true to yourself is attractive.

If it doesn’t come naturally and you aren’t really trying to change then don’t. Maybe you like the person you are with but it can be rare for certain habits or personality traits to change. So if you can’t do it don’t do it.

You know the saying, old habits die hard. Well sometimes they really do.

There is also the fact that changing for someone else instead of yourself leads to resentment. If it isn’t natural for you then you will back slide. Your partner will get upset if it continues and possibly leave you alone and you will be even more upset because you didn’t stick to your guns or at the very least remain true to yourself.

Sooooo don’t bother. Better to not waste anyone’s time.

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