Can’t be your Superman

Anyone ever meet a good man or woman? They may be a little rough around the edges. May have some issues with them but you can see the good in them.

Maybe they have Mom and Dad issues. Maybe they have had bad experiences with the opposite sex so they are jaded and lost hope.

They think all men cheat or all women are selfish. Yet when you have time alone with them and talk you see that Guard get let down a little and some vulnerability. You think to yourself, I can change their mind. I can show them that all men or all women aren’t this way.

Well guess what? You can’t. Run away as fast as you can and suggest they get professional help or wait until they change on their own.

Seriously. Stop trying to save people. Save yourself instead. It’s ok to want to help and be friends to damaged people. I’m an advocate for that but not in a romantic way. They will not be able to see you’re different and all it will lead to is more frustration.

So do me a favor, take that damn cape off lol.

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