Have you no shame?

I’m great at taking accountability. That is one of the things that my parents instilled in me growing up. Take responsibility for your actions son, no excuses.

I can admit that I was wrong, I can admit that I deserve whatever punishment or consequences that may come from my actions.

I even feel sorry for whoever my actions impacted but one thing I seem to struggle with is remorse.

I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking to myself like, “Bruh, why aren’t you ashamed of yourself”.

I just can’t bring myself to care. Mind you it isn’t anything major that I am doing to people. Not like I am lying to folk, cheating, stealing or anything like that.

Still, sometimes, people can come at me with something I did all sad or upset and I just look at them as blankly as possible and honestly not give a damn. Even though I want to. The only amount of energy that I can muster is feeling sorry that they feel this way.


Damn, I hope this changes because it isn’t an endearing quality to have as an adult, it isn’t attractive and it isn’t really anything to be proud of. I need to do better.

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