No more graphic t-shirts

I love wearing graphic t-shirts. They are cheap, funny, remind me of my childhood and they fit pretty well.

Seriously I think at most I have spent maybe $25 on one. Most of the time what’s on them is either funny or an old cartoon or comic I watched growing up. Oh yeah and most importantly, well second overall to cost, they do make my arms and shoulders look pretty decent lol.

I love them but I may have to give them up. I am not prepared for the attention that comes with them. I wear them to the gym and grown ass men will stop me to tell me how they like the shirt. This is not only strange but annoying. For starters, you’re interrupting my workout and it’s like before 6 am. Don’t talk to me in the gym bro, especially not that early.

Then there is the fact that people use it as a conversation piece which hurts my little, introverted heart lol. It’s almost as if people assume that it’s ok or they assume that I’m a nice guy and want to talk to me because of my shirts. Seriously all day every day I have people who will ignore my headphones in my ear, my facial expression my body language to stop me and tell me not only that it’s a cool shirt but they will also give some background story.

Wearing these shirts can also be dangerous also. A few weekends ago I was crossing the street and there was a Caucasian brother beside me. I saw him look at me out the corner of my eye, ok. Then the light changed and we crossed the street. As I crossed the street I could “feel” him invading my personal space. I thought well maybe I’m tripping but let me speed up my pace across the street. I could still feel him. Eff it, I’m about to have to beat someone’s ass. I stopped my music from playing and balled my fist up. As I got on the sidewalk I pivoted and asked him what was his problem. He responded “my bad bro, I was trying to tell you that your shirt is cool, I grew up watching that show”. I was like, “ha, thanks” and walked off.

See. Smh

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