Watch out for the big girls?

So I posted a few days ago about not necessarily dating a broken person because it is damn near impossible to make them see the positive things that you see in them. Of course, that is my opinion and like everything else, this applies to some but not all.

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So you can imagine the look on my face when I saw this post. I was like, “well damn” so much for that theory. I suppose if the right man comes along who is extremely patient and loving then maybe, just maybe he can bring that confidence and love out of a woman.

I can admit when I am wrong. So I apologize for being wrong.

I still do not know how to feel about this post. Maybe it is a southern thing or maybe I know men who like chubbier women but I always see bigger women in relationships or with a man. Hell, I see larger women post memes about taking skinny women’s men while they are in the gym, I have seen women proclaim that they would work out but they have been “pullin niggas with the same body they had for years”. Now that I think about it, the most confident women I have ever met were larger in size. Oh yeah, and women are quick to tell us to be humble like our father’s who married or had kids with larger women so obviously someone has been choosing our beautiful BBW’s.

So is all of this just a front to hide the true pain these women feel on the inside?

I asked an acquaintance why does she think that some women feel this way? She told me that in society and especially on social media women who were slimmer seemed to get more of the praise and more of the attention. After constantly hearing and seeing that on a daily basis it can cause a major psychological impact on you.

I listened and I told her that I understand her point and I respect it. With that being said I asked her how is her life outside of social media. Does she get a lot of attention from the opposite sex? Does she see a lot of women who are not small with men?

Then I asked her how is her life outside of social media. Does she get a lot of attention from the opposite sex? Does she see a lot of women who are not small with men?

She responded that she get’s quite a bit of attention from men and that she always see’s “bigger” women being in relationships or dating or with men. Not only that but whenever she mentions losing weight men usually tell her that she is beautiful just the way that she is.

So I asked her what is her reality? Media or what she actually deals with on a daily basis?

She looked at me quizzically.

As I read this post over again I was hopeful of one thing. I was hopeful that her confidence in herself is not completely tied to her significant other. Meaning that if things do not work out for some reason she will not be depressed and that she will still love herself unconditionally and be happy with her body.

This kind of reminds me of my post about some women only liking guys in shape for eye candy or just online. Some women always seem to post the brother with the six pack in shape and call him #MCM or lust after him but when you look at their partners and fathers these men are not anywhere close to being built the same way. Same goes with men and their “thirst” for IG models and video vixens and strippers. Very rarely do they go for or be with the type of woman that they tend to post.

So while society may say we like in shape men and super thick women our relationships seem to say the different.

Lol, but what do I know. I am just some old naive man who needs to see more of the world. I say that because I see diesel ass stay in the gym guys with women who aren’t physically fit, I see skinny men with bigger women especially and now that I think about it in most instances the women that I see in relationships aren’t necessarily in the greatest of shape and never were.

I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to preferences, everyone has one. Whether the person is a certain size, has a certain income, be physically blessed in some areas, a certain skin color, height or whatever the reason there is a good chance that someone will want them for whatever shallow reason they decide works for them.

I really hope that people learn to love and accept who they are, no matter what other’s may think or what society may tell them and unplug from the PC and TV sometimes! Log out of social media every once in awhile. Sometimes what we think is reality isn’t really our reality and the negativity and poison that we receive from it impact us deeper than we can even imagine.

So um, yeah back to this post. I hope that this couple remains happy and continues to do special things. Beautiful story, and a beautiful couple.

Oh yeah, and beauty doesn’t equate to size or even looks, just an FYI lol.

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