Long distance

With the importance of social media in our lives, it is bound to happen. You see an attractive man or woman, you follow each other. Maybe like a picture or two, flirt, converse about how you can’t meet any good guys or women where you’re from, dm, exchange numbers, maybe a pic or two, video chat (hopefully) and eventually make plans to see each other.

Over this time, because of the distance, you tend to really get to know the person (well at least you think you do) because there is really nothing physical to cloud it. You guys are just chatting and conversing and “falling” for each other. So then you decide to get in a relationship…a long distance relationship.

It makes sense, you can still be productive and have your space but at the same time be with someone you like and care about and eventually relocate. I mean we all know a couple who has done this and been successful, lightning can strike twice.

So as the relationship progresses you must communicate effectively with your significant other. Also, you get creative, you have FT dates, send cards, flowers, edible arrangements, gifts, you…

Who am I kidding, don’t listen to me, none of mine have ever worked lmao.


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