Love the way you lie 

I think people prefer being lied to and prefer lying to each other as well. I’m not quite sure why maybe the lie just sounds better or something.

Example 1: A. Guy meets girl, they converse briefly and she asks what is he looking for? He tells her I just want to have sex with you. That’s it.

B. Another guy meets the same girl, they converse briefly and she asks the same question. What is he looking for? He tells her we can talk, date etc. and see what happens, no expectations.

Which one sounds better?

Example 2: A: Woman meets a man, they converse briefly and the man asks the woman would she be interested in dating him. She responds I am not necessarily attracted to you but I am bored, wouldn’t mind a free meal or two and I don’t have shit else to do so why not.

B: Another woman meets the same man, the same question is posed. She tells him sure we can exchange contact information and do something when I am available.

Which sounds better?

I get it, the two responses that were more truthful sounded harsher but they were the truth, isn’t that what is important? Wouldn’t this prevent someone from being led on? Lol, in my opinion, this is worse than being nice.

I have found myself being a little too honest with people. More so in what I am seeing from them and being able to admit it.

Perfect example, I am pretty good at noticing when a woman isn’t fully interested in me. You get the unanswered messages, the “I’m just now seeing this” responses and they can generally go days without responding to you. Now there could be multiple reasons but one that I take into consideration is that maybe I haven’t done anything to draw their attention. Whatever the reason I am at peace with it but why is it that when I call then out on their end they seem to get defensive? I’ll admit I will say I can imagine you aren’t that interested in me or you don’t hit me up for various reasons and they always respond the same way “don’t say that” or “that’s not true, I just been busy” lol. So why lie and not just say what it is?

Does it take the fun out of things? Maybe it feels like a game to us?

The being nice thing is subjective. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Reject me off gate or after I invested time and energy into you, what feels worse?

I get that in some instances women have been harassed or assaulted for rejecting a man but I am going to take that out of the equation.

I think that it boils down to the fact that men and women can be manipulative by nature and also that they enjoy being in control. When you give up the real truth you no longer have control.

I also feel that people love lies more than they love the truth. That lie isn’t going to be as harsh, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it can spare you from the ugly truth, it will give you hope 100% of the time. Whereas the truth is a 50/50 proposition. Also, that lie will make him/her more likely to stick around. “Of course we are going to get married one day baby” lol, that is probably one of the more popular lies.

Sounds kind of selfish doesn’t it?

So I get it, keep lying. Keep putting sugar on shit and calling it a brownie lol, let me know how that continues to work out.

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