Apparently Amber Rose dropped a picture with her slightly hairy vagina last night. It was during the game so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I’m so used to Amber and her “shtick” that I didn’t bat an eyelash. Then I saw this tweet posted.

The first question that I had was what is her definition of respect. If in regards to only wanting a woman for physical reasons then she is right. Whether fully clothed or dressed half or fully naked if he only wants her for sex then that’s all it will be. Of course, this leads to another question, in such a sexually liberated world is that even disrespectful?

Now if she means respect in regards to how we view someone I’m not sure. Do we treat people certain ways or act a certain way based off of perception or appearance? I mean I was taught to present myself a certain way when approaching a woman. If I come up to you dressed poorly and unkept how would you receive me as a woman? I assume I would be broke and dusty? Wouldn’t get the time of day? Would you at least talk to me long enough to see that the book doesn’t match the cover?

Generally, I don’t disrespect women…or men. At worst I just won’t talk to you. Considering who you ask that may be a good thing. Ok, I’m lying I generally don’t speak to anyone I don’t know lol. So obviously I am probably not a great example. I am also working on judging or making assumptions about people, however, if I did…

Let’s say that I was to make assumptions and base my approach off of the appearance of a woman. Hell, I would be inclined to assume that she is easy to get into bed if she dresses a certain way, wait that is not always the case. Quite often I assume the women like that may be looking for something more than I have to offer which is money. So it could be said that she is only attracted to men with money etc. Meanwhile, other women who come off as “good girls” get viewed differently. She probably has a career and is someone who wants a relationship, I have a better chance with her, blah, blah. Ironically this narrow-mindedness could be why my ass is single now. I am a work in progress so work with me, I try not to judge before actually engaging with someone. So what exactly is right?

Maybe we should say perception is judgmental, biased and unfair as well as reality lol.

Wait, they are arguing over a woman who chose to post herself naked on the Internet. Somebody’s Momma lol. I guess as long as the kid can deal who am I to judge. Matter of fact I hope more women do this. Show it all to me, especially since that is the only way I would probably see it. Appearances don’t matter it’s what’s inside that counts. Rightttt.

Let’s delve into another issue real quickly. It also depends on who drops pictures like this. Lol, I am sure if Khia from “My neck and my back” fame or Kim Kardashian did this the response wouldn’t be the same. As a matter of fact the same men who were being chastised for making negative comments would now be applauded for them. Lol we have to stop picking and choosing. Wrong is wrong. The perfect response would be to still chastise whoever for the negativity or misogyny and maybe throw in the disclaimer that yes Kim posting pics is getting old and attention whoreish and maybe that Khia’s body is not up to par and she probably shouldn’t be posting but she still has the right to do so.

So ladies, if a non famous unattractive man such as myself posted dick pics or a nude you wouldn’t assume I was a bad guy or hoe or seeking attention? Hell I post gym pics and get called that now but I digress.

Also to the men who are saying their baby momma would never. This is true. Our baby momma(‘s) probably don’t look like Amber Rose lol nor would they gain any notoriety for posting naked pics or being naked. Well that’s not true. They would gain notoriety from some guys locally, just not on the scale that Amber is.

Lol and ladies I get it, we are ashy and no one wants us, especially not a celebrity. Just like the male celebs yall say you wouldn’t want probably wouldn’t give you the time of day. Wait that’s not true, some…I repeat some of you could get it I’m sure. I hear stories of a lot of women getting it from a famous dude because of social media. Maybe he won’t finance you or cuff you but at least you can say “I know him” when he is doing his player intro on Sunday Night Football. This is what we non famous people do, we talk shit. We have these hypothetical statements about things that will never happen to us. Relax.

Ok fellas, I took up for yall dumb asses a little bit. Now let’s me wrap this up. I will say that everyone deserves some level of respect no matter how you look, dress or whatever. Give people respect. As far as the topic of women goes, could you at least think before you speak, try not to objectify them and assume that your opinion about women does not matter, especially to other women? Lol it will save you so much drama.

It’s funny. Things are gradually progressing and becoming less taboo so who knows. Maybe one day people will stop judging others so harshly. While you’re playing, they should take things back to the old days, make sex work legal everywhere and watch what happens? It will be like on those old westerns again. Prostitutes were held in pretty high regard all things considered. See I am getting side tracked. Let me wrap this up.

Enjoy your Sunday people and men, stop turning your underwear inside out to make them last longer. Didn’t…know that was…a thing but apparently it happens?

Lol, she is right though, you have to respect women. Well, you should, at the same time, it doesn’t mean you have to interact or engage with all of them either. See there is a happy medium.

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