Rigged ?

I saw 20 the NBA is rigged posts tonight during the game tonight on FB, easily. My question, of course, is for who? Why wait until it’s game 4 and a 3-0 lead? Cleveland shot a lot of free throws but Draymond mysteriously lost a technical foul lol. I personally think that Cleveland played more physical, aggressive, and made 24 three pointers. That’s why they won but I’ll humor you. I mean one of my favorite people Dick Gregory always said that professional sports are rigged. Been saying it forever.

So here is my theory.

If the league was rigged it had to be in 1980’s. When the Lakers drafted Magic & the Celtics drafted Bird. The top two players in college front the highest rated NCAA championship game ever. So now you have a charismatic, charming young black man in LA and a white man in Boston.

Before they came into the league the NBA was so unpopular that they ran games on tape delay. So why not jump start the league by helping two of the more storied franchises.
So let’s look at the 80’s. Lakers won 5 championships and played in 8 NBA finals. Boston won 3 and played in 5 NBA finals. The only other teams from the east to make it to the finals or win were Philadelphia and Detroit. The only other teams in the west were Houston (1980-89).

Oh yeah, and there was that whole lottery thing when New York got the lottery pick that became Patrick Ewing.

So let’s take a look at the 1990’s. Michael  Jordan was the face of the league. Magic had HIV and Birds back was bad and forcing him to retire. We all know the story. Jordan won 6 titles. The Southern part of the country finally got a champion with Houston winning 2 titles and San Antonio in 99.

Now the 2000’s. Lakers need to be relevant again. They won 4 and played in 6. Spurs won 3 and played in 3. We need Boston relevant so let’s get these trades and help them out. They turned that into 1 championship and 2 appearances. Would have been more if not for injuries.

There was also that whole Tim Donaghy incident. The “dirty” ref.

I could go on and on. Dallas was for the globalization of the NBA, needed a team led by a European player. Spurs for small market teams. Miami for Bron who was the face of the league, GS for the “new” NBA…

I think you guys get my drift. If it’s rigged it didn’t just start and it probably also happened when your team won it. So if you are going to make this claim be fair and consistent. Lol but yall got it. I’m going to sleep.

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