72 hours

72 hours or 3 days. Ironically this is also how long sperm can survive lol.

In regards to this post, however, the 72 hours that I am speaking of is when I meet or exchange information with someone of the opposite sex. Usually, I met the person either out in public, through a friend, social media or a dating app. Whatever the method I really seem to struggle with it.

My first issue, maybe it’s just me but why do people get upset so early in the talking stage?

It’s early. You’re still feeling each other out. Hell, you’re probably still talking to or dating other people. This is generally understood and accepted by most of us I would like to believe.

So either people are crazy or people are kind of full of themselves. That has to be the issue. I have literally received messages from women saying “I don’t hit them up enough” despite me contacting them last. Asking do I miss them even though I don’t really know them well enough or spent enough time with them to miss them. Followed by the are you gonna make plans or just message me all the time question. Lol, I will admit that sometimes this question is valid but in the middle of the work week? Less than a few days conversing? Lol and let me not contact someone enough and it turns into “I’m not chasing no man” or ” I refuse to have my time wasted”. After less than 3 days?!

Ok, cool well that’s my cue. I’m just going to stop talking to this woman. Lol and that leads to my second issue. Do I give up too easily? Am I subconsciously looking for a reason to abandon ship? Am I mistaking a little gamesmanship between the sexes as something more serious than what it is? Am I overreacting?

Speaking of gamesmanship, I swear I struggle believing people. maybe it is because of years of hearing lies or years of observing people but I often struggle believing certain things that I am told. Not in the first few days. I refuse to believe that I am so charming, witty, attractive and great that I can make you feel the certain way that you claim to feel. Such as me being so different or me being the one or you missing me or my favorite, “I’m not talking to anyone else”.

That one really annoys me because I know that generally when people volunteer information that I didn’t ask for it’s usually a lie. It also annoys me because at this stage of my life I understand what it is and I am ok with my role. Just don’t insult my intelligence or patronize me about it. Just lying for no reason lol.

So yeah, those first three days can be a doozy and that’s probably why I have so many random “I wonder what happened to her…” moments.

I will get it together one of these days I’m sure. Oh yeah and ladies and gentlemen, if you guys have only been conversing for a few days and the other person disappears it is NOT ghosting lol. Tired of hearing that ish too lol.

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