Not my woman

I can’t get mad…you aren’t my girl…technically I can’t get upset

Come on fellas, I can’t be the only person to have said this or something similar to this passive aggressive shit to a woman I was dating or talking to before.

You know the scenario, she is talking to another guy or maybe she does something you don’t necessarily like but logic tells you that because you aren’t together you can’t really get upset with her nor can you address it.

I am the king of this. No matter what it is I always find myself saying or thinking this. She didn’t text me back…not my woman. She is flirting online with other guys…not my woman. She hasn’t contacted me for days…not my woman. She viewed my snap but didn’t respond to my message… NOT MY WOMAN, lmao.

This can be problematic because it always seems to come off as if I don’t care. That really isn’t true. If anything it should show that I care enough not to get upset when I shouldn’t or jump to conclusions or argue for no apparent reason. Then again I guess at some level I don’t care. Meaning I don’t care enough to make myself look stupid or come off as vulnerable, or abandon my logic, especially so early in the game. Not to mention that often times in my experience certain things can be done by the opposite sex to get a reaction from me or to maybe make me want to speed up the “process”. What’s the adage? Pressure bust’s pipes? Lol well, far too often I bust and get the hell on. Lol, not literally and not in the sense of sex but… ok I have a few times in the mid-2000’s but that is neither here nor there. See… let me get back on track.

I mean more so in the sense that once that pressure happens I bounce. Peace of mind > You.

How can I navigate this fine line? Hell, should I even bother trying? I just know that over the past decade quite often me telling myself that “she is not my woman” and reacting as such has led to well, not having a woman lol.

It’s funny because quite often all of the final conversations sound the same. Well if we have a final conversation. I always get told “well you acted like you didn’t care so I…” or the one that really annoys me ” I did this to see your reaction and see if you cared”.

See, I got annoyed just typing that bull. Lol, I guess this is what happens when both sides are afraid, too cautious or not willing to put themselves out there. I mean who wants to get hurt again or be made to look stupid?

Hell, who wants to be the opposite? You know, being known as the overly emotional guy or the crazy guy who does too much too soon?

Yeaahhhhh, I’m gonna stick to the script on this one for the time being lol. Grabs lotion *



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