Blurred lines?

Maybe this is a sign of the line blurring between men and women. You know the disappearance of gender roles and whatnot.

Then again maybe this is just me being unlucky but I have noticed something. A lot of the gripes I have as a single man are very similar to those that women seem to have.

Not on the larger scale. Like I’m not fearing women taking my rejection harshly and abusing me physically, (verbally and emotionally some do but I block them) sexually assaulting me or trying to kill me. Ok, there was this one time this, nevermind lol.

I mean it more so on a smaller scale. Welp, time to make a list. These are the top 10 things that the opposite sex has been doing to me recently and it’s annoying as shit.

1. People who aren’t single trying to talk to me. Don’t hit me up, flirt with me, initiate conversation, get me all excited and then your BF or husband pops up on your social media out of nowhere.

2. Getting called stuck up or mean. Followed by the suggestion that I need to smile more and that I come off as unapproachable. Lol, I am not stuck up or mean however yes I am not smiling because I do not want to be approached. Nothing personal but I have things to do and why didn’t you get the damn hint.

3. Getting felt up. Co-workers, women in the club or at the bar. It never fails. They go for the arm grab, shoulder rub or sometimes even the chest rub. Hell, last week at work a lady who actually knows me said: “dang your arms got bigger, you been hitting the gym” followed by her touching and rubbing on my arms. Not only was that unprofessional but it was uncomfortable as hell. Oh yeah and the lady that touched my hair that time. I cut it off last time she did it. That is just gross to touch a person’s hair lol.

4. Being asked why am I trying to lose weight. “You look good already or I like men who are chubbier”… well go find one and leave me the hell alone. I am not doing this for you or any woman. That’s pretty arrogant to think that women would even be my motive smh.

5. Being asked to “send them a pic”. You follow me on Snap, IG, and Facebook. Do not ask me to send you a picture. Just don’t do it. I am not sending a dick pic…i’m trying to cut back now that I’m older.

6. Always asking when we are going to hang out or when am I going to see them. Either make plans with me, someone else or take the other persistent guy up on his offer. When I have the time and money or energy to see you or make plans I will. In the meantime take the hint and get off of my nuts.

7. Asking why are you single, what’s wrong with me. That is so intrusive and personal. That is like asking why are you broke? Why are you fat? Why do you smell bad? Why are you unattractive? Why doesn’t anyone like you? Why are you short? I can keep going lol but I think you get the point.

8. Everything seems physical. I mean I never ask why someone likes me or wants to talk to me but 9/10 the answer is physical. Starting to make me feel as if I have zero substance. While this may be true I damn sure don’t want to hear it lol. Also back to the physical thing, I generally assume as adults it will happen at some point but I “try” not t rush it in most cases. Mainly because if we don’t click it will be a waste of our time. Also, I am tired of being accused of only wanting people for their body. It’s funny, now that I normally move slower so man women have questioned my interest due to the lack of physical contact. Go figure.

9. Pretending we really talked. If all we did was text or only went on a few dates that didn’t count or isn’t really newsworthy. I promise I am not going to tell my boys we did and could you at least extend me the same common courtesy? Sheesh.

10. Assume I have hoes. Just say you are insecure or think all men cheat, that way we can save each other the trouble and I can leave you alone lol. If you think I have “hoes” why even engage? I’m just saying.

Lol, I feel your pain ladies.

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