Diagnose deez

Is it safe to assume that the vast majority of people think that they are a damn psychologist?

It’s bad enough that people think that they know you or can diagnose you. Usually after meeting you once or maybe viewing your online activity. That’s bad enough but to have the audacity to try and tell you who you are as a person? What they think is wrong, what caused it and how to fix it? I swear.

Man look, it get’s better though.

After the diagnosis, these people actually expect you to explain yourself or respond to their armchair psychology.

This actually happened to me a few weeks ago at a work conference out of town. This young lady walked up to me during the banquet started engaging in random small talk and conversation. You know I struggle, well some of you know I struggle with networking and talking to strangers in general so I was attempting to practice with her. The conversation was going well, we discussed the software, training, blah, blah, blah and then somehow she went into Iyanla fix my life mode.

In hindsight, I blame myself. I should have seen it coming when she asked me “why was I single” lol.  I gave the usual answer, either I messed things up or I just haven’t met anyone I was compatible with long term. I probably should have just said that it was none of your business but I was attempting to be nice. I mean technically this is work and while she crossed the line I will continue to stay in character lol. She then began to give me her “diagnosis”. She went on a tangent about what vibe I gave her, my personality, why I acted this way, blah, blah. As I stood there looking at her in disbelief  I thought to myself, this woman has only known me, and I use the term known very loosely for maybe 20 or 30 minutes (in which she did most of the talking) and she is telling me who and what I am. After she finished she smiled, looked into my face and asked me if she was right.

I was at a loss for words. All I could do was smirk at her and ask how did she come up with this in such a short time. She told me that she is great at reading people. I then asked her was she single and she responded yes. I also asked her did she go to school for psychology and she said no. She didn’t seem to get where I was going with my comments so I decided to bring it on home for her. I told her that her assessment was incorrect but nice try.

She then asked me to tell her what did she say that was incorrect. Wow. At that moment I decided that it would be best for me to leave. So I told her to excuse me for a minute and I walked away and did not return.

People are really bold and crazy, I swear.

Now that I think about it maybe she was trying to flirt. If so her approach was trash lol.

Ok, let me get serious for like 30 seconds.

I understand the importance of mental health. I think that the majority of us should seek some form of therapy or counseling, even if we think nothing is wrong.

Just make sure the help is professional lol.

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