I guess my life is so boring and basic that people have to make up stuff about me. Lol, and the shit is so dope that it makes me damn near jealous.

Seriously, my fake life is more entertaining than my real one.

This is currently where I’m at in life lol. Ironically boring is ok and works for me. I have goals I’m trying to reach and me out here doing too much could delay that. Not to mention I did almost all the wild and reckless stuff in my 20’s.

It’s hilarious though. Just the things people tell me that they heard about me or assume about me. It’s usually the same 2 things. I get told that I have money and that I have a lot of women.

Seriously, people actually hit me up about this and normally I don’t engage but I guess I was bored so I responded this time.

When I ask how do people come to this conclusion considering no one really see’s me out, people say social media or someone told them or they just assumed.

Lol. The money thing was really hilarious. I live in expensive ass DC and I’m a father. Between that and bills, I couldn’t be rich or well off even if I wanted to. Hell if we are being real it’s damn near too expensive to date consistently out here, or go to happy hours or brunches and shit. Then we add the cost of clothes if I were to date more and go out more? Nope lol.

Besides, we all know I’m not spending money on clothes. Thanks, toTargett, Amazon and a few t-shirt websites that I order from lol.

I attempted to explain to this guy that 90% of the time if I’m out of town or at a basketball game or event it’s work related and either work pays up front or reimburses me for it. The other 10% is budgeting, planning way in advance, or Groupon.

Seriously,  I just signed up for a Spartan race and it was around $170. I found a Groupon and ended up paying $30. Now I will say that by choosing the Groupon instead of doing the event at 8am I’ll be doing it at 1pm when it’s usually the hottest part of the day and I could die but shit, that’s 140 bucks I kept in my pocket? Worth the risk lol.

Then there is the you have women thing. I lowkey think dudes trying to call me cute or something because I don’t know for the life of me why you would look at another man and think, well not only think but tell him “he has women”. Unless it’s your boy and yall clowning each other. Lol but I often wonder where that came from in regards to me.

I don’t have the charm or the energy, I swear.

As I mentioned earlier it’s damn near too expensive to date consistently which keeps me out the game. Women aren’t trying to just come chill and even if they were I don’t trust people enough to be in their house or have in my crib either so that’s not an option lol. Also, I am not overly creative when it comes to dating. I don’t really drink much, I am not a movie buff and normally I cook. So 8/10 my date idea will be dinner… I know I have to do better. Hell, I post damn near all day everyday on various forms of social media showing my boring structured life. It would be somewhat difficult to add women to it if we are being honest. A woman yes, but women? Nah. Lol, and there is the whole gym thing. I workout twice a day most of the week. Usually getting up around 430. I have my work schedule and other things going on and when dating I usually end up hearing the same phrase “you don’t have enough time for me”.

Maybe people assume from social media? I sure hope not. We all know 95% of the flirting is fake, 3% of it don’t matter because yall live too far away and 1.75% don’t matter because most of these people are already in a relationship or at least messing with someone else consistently. You’re just a pen pal, boredom killer and something to do when attention is needed.

Plus I always mess things up so even when I could potentially have women I usually fumble at like the 3 yard line lol.

So yeah, no money, cash or hoes at the moment. I’m just a boring old man trying to navigate through his 5 year plan, stick to my budget, get in shape, stay out of trouble and see my son more.

However it is flattering that people view me in such a interesting light. Maybe one day I can live up to your expectations.

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