Dream killer

You ever say something that sounded arrogant as hell? Like it didn’t come out the way that it was supposed to so you find yourself trying to explain yourself?

That happened to me yesterday.

I was having a random conversation and was asked if I had ever broken any hearts. My response was not that I was aware of. Hell, as a matter of fact, I don’t even break hearts, I kill dreams.

Sheesh, that didn’t quite come out right lol. First of all, I said that to say these women didn’t really love me, so technically their heart couldn’t have been broken. My even bigger point was that more often than not that “love” feeling that people (myself included) claim to have for you probably isn’t love. As a matter of fact, they are probably more in love with the idea of you or maybe have this fantasy/perception of you or just love being in a relationship. So when reality hits them and they see the real you and things end. It’s not really heartbreak, it’s just another dream being killed.

I feel like there is a lot of misdiagnosis going on. People out here mistaking lust, a little compatibility, convenience, and newness for love. Raise your hand if you have been guilty *raises hand lol. Guilty multiple times. Telling myself she is going to be the next Future Mrs. Williams, “fake” planning and talking about hypothetical weddings and shit and you haven’t even made it halfway through the year yet. You both say you aren’t dating just to date and things just feel right between you. What’s the saying? “you just know when you know?”

Well, guess what? It probably isn’t love yet. It’s the idea that is getting to you. That feeling of euphoria that comes from meeting someone new and clicking and all that other good and fun stuff that comes during the beginning stages of a relationship or dating.

Then when your friends call you out on it and question the pace of things what do you say? Maaannn, I can’t help it but when I love, I love hard. Nope, your ass just loves stupid lol.

As if that isn’t bad enough you decide to justify these feelings of yours even more. Is it me or does it seem as if you know, know of, or can always give some example of some other couple you work with or know about or heard of that only dated a few months and it worked out for them? Like with all of your bad luck over the years in relationships you really feel like this time it will be different and you can beat the odds… seriously?

Lol and that is what is so dope about that irrational feeling called love, it gives you hope no matter how many times you have been done wrong or failed before. As great as that is there is only one problem. This isn’t love, it’s just a dream. So wake your ass up lol. Get to know each other, the real person, make sure you two are compatible and then and only then should you seriously consider tying the knot. When you do, hit me up with the wedding registry info so I can set that search from lowest to highest and buy you a gift.

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