So you’re just gonna ignore…

I admit it, sometimes I play too much but I decided to do a little experiment yesterday. I decided that if someone asked me why I was single I would give them two things that I considered would be deal breakers. So I’ll go with a little dick and being broke lol.

Low & behold as I was picking up lunch a young lady struck up a convo with me. One thing led to another and she asked the dreaded question. “So, why are you single?” I responded that I was broke didn’t feel comfortable enough to throw that other comment out there lol. I mean she didn’t know me like that and it was inappropriate. So I just told her that it was summer and too hot to be in a relationship lol.

She paused for a second, said wow and then told me she appreciated my honesty. It was refreshing. She also said that she didn’t believe me, it can’t be as bad as I hinted it was and that the right woman could change my mind.

Lol, I love you ladies but this is that “BS I be talkin’ bout”. A man can be honest about who or what he is and you still will give him a shot or choose to ignore it. That damn potential is going to be the death of you. Then again maybe it isn’t potential. Maybe it is supreme overconfidence in yourself. You know, he has never met anyone as loyal, supportive, loving and as understanding as you. He has just been meeting the wrong women all this time and if he was loved by you things would change. Ha.

You know, I laugh at the saying don’t judge a book by its cover. Yeah, you shouldn’t but at the same time who has time to sit and read the whole damn book? I’m just saying if after the first few chapters if I’m not interested or like what I’m reading I’m closing the book and looking for another one. The hell with seeing it through the end.

Oh yea, and what’s up with this “Well at least he was honest” thing yall do. Being honest doesn’t necessarily mean the person is good lol. In some instances, it means they don’t care or have any shame. Like if I’m a serial killer and I’m honest about the people I killed does that somehow absolve me and make me a good person because of my honesty. Nope, it just makes me an honest killer.

Same applies to dating and relationships. A man can tell you he doesn’t want a relationship,  is a hoe, has a GF/wife and everything else and you will deal because you’re attracted to him and he is “honest” lol.

I’m going to really need yall to do better ladies. Not for me because it has nothing to do with me but for yourself. No, it isn’t your fault that some men aren’t worth a damn but in some instances, it is your fault that you chose him. Use context clues lol. Believe who we are when we tell you and show you. Take him for what he is. It’s one thing if he lies and fronts but from what I am seeing a lot of men are bold as hell and show you their true colors.

I swear.

Of course, I know men do it too but I didn’t feel like addressing men today. Not to mention I have these discussions with my male friends quite often and they are much harsher than anything I could ever post. Ladies I just want better for yall, that’s it. Lol but let me go get ready for work. I’m running late and shit. Just had this on my mind this morning.

Lol but let me go get ready for work. I’m running late and shit. Just had this on my mind this morning. Hopefully, some of you take my advice.

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