Keep up the good work

There is something about the entrepreneurial spirit and people who like to control their destiny and go against the grain that inspires me.

This is why I do not hate what Kevin Durant did or what LeBron James did in regards to their free agency moves. Let me go ahead and clarify this right now. The moves were not the same, they were similar. Big difference. KD went to the best regular season team in the league from the previous season (73-9), the same team that beat him in the western conference finals after blowing a 3-1 lead. This team also had 3 All-NBA members on the team…loaded. Then there was that whole meeting with Coach Kerr the previous season rumor lol. He left a team that had one of the top 5 players in the NBA on his original team and the team had a  history of making decent moves and good draft picks. On the flip side, LeBron didn’t leave to join the Celtics who were the equivalent of GS in the east at that time. The team did have Wade who was an All-NBA player, and he left a team who’s second best player was Mo Williams and he played for a front office that wouldn’t trade JJ Hickson for a still in his prime Amare Stoudamire.

Outside of that everything was the same lol. They both had no ring, were former MVP’s, gave the franchise that drafted them at least 7 years and were free agents.

There seem to be 2 camps. Those who hate what LeBron did but don’t hate what KD did because it helped him beat Bron. Then there are those who love what Bron did but hate what KD did because he beat LeBron. I take that back, there is a third camp, the so-called traditionalists or people who have amnesia or revisionist history.

“There have never been super teams” is all I keep hearing. In a league that has 5 teams responsible for basically 48 of like 70 titles, you can’t make that argument.

Of course when you argue about the loaded Celtics and Lakers teams and other franchises such as the Bulls and Spurs the argument is, “but they did it the right way”. What exactly is the right way? When the front office drafts players and makes trades it’s the right way?

In a business where you are treated like a piece of meat and can’t really pick where you start working (drafted), you have to honor the contract but at any moment management can trade you to whoever they like. Then add that the owners are billionaires who generally care more about money than winning. Oh yeah and the fact that players are more so seen like commodities than people, why does it seem as if “fans” side with the billionaire owners and feel as if their way is the right way?

Why can’t they be happy or proud that players have decided to take matters into their own hands and attempt to control their own destiny? Wouldn’t you like to be able to have a say in where you worked and pick the best place for you and your family? Oh wait, you do lol.

Stop being hypocrites and haters. We all know that the main goal for the majority of players in the NBA is to win a title. Every player who doesn’t gets scrutinized by the media and fans. The narrative is that they are selfish and want the money if they stay on bad teams and now if they leave for a better situation they aren’t competitive? It’s almost as if you can’t win for losing.

So to the LeBron’s and Durant’s of the world I love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I hope more players follow suit.


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