Free meal

It’s a very good chance that as a single man in America you may have been saved in some woman’s phone contacts as “Free Meal” or “Free Food”. Ok maybe not as Free Meal but you may have given your number to someone who really was no that interested in you and only used you to get a free meal or attention or to kill time.

For once I am not going to put the onus on the woman. Instead, I will slide that responsibility onto the men. Besides, she can argue that she did it to be nice or she didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends or whatever excuse some women use.

So, fellas, we have to pay attention to certain signs when it comes to approaching or interacting with a woman. We can’t just look at her face or boobs or the physical lol. We have to attempt to pay attention to her tone, her body language, her facial expressions. 9/10 she will show you how she really feels about you and if you should pursue. Like if you ask her for her number or to exchange information and she tells you I guess or rolls her eyes or directs you to her social media? That may be a sign of some sort.

So, let’s say you missed all of those initial signs. There is still a chance to prevent yourself from the embarrassment and waste of time and money. How does she interact with you now that you have the number? Is it text only, who initiates conversation, if you talk how does the conversation go? Like if she always responds to texts saying “I’m just now seeing this” or the conversation is brief or seems forced? These are signs. Hell, if you ask her when she is available or what her schedule is like or propose doing something together and she is passive? Maybe tells you we’ll see or maybe or no response? More signs my dude.

Even after all of this you still can’t tell or get the hint. There is another way to prevent yourself from becoming “that guy”. Just don’t take her out to dinner for the first date. Get creative. Google something or ask friends for suggestions if need be. Personally, I prefer dinner because even if the date sucks at the very least I will be eating so I won’t care as much. Some people suggest going out for drinks but I prefer not to. I would rather converse with her sober, mainly because it can get into a gray area as far as consent goes, you won’t be as sharp either and that tab can pile up on you. I think some alternatives were given or suggested such as coffee, bookstores, museums, festivals, exhibits… you know, something cheap or free. I suggest you take that route.

Then from there, you get to go on the date. You can observe her actions, get more of a vibe from her and if you feel like the interest is mutual then and only then take her ass out to eat lol.

Now, this isn’t foolproof obviously but if she is willing to continue pretending to like you or show interest, deal with you for several weeks or a month I suppose she earned that free meal. I mean all actresses deserve to be paid something lol.

So I hope this hits home for some of you out here who keep “getting got”. Take this old man’s advice and remember fellas, we must not only protect our hearts… we must also protect our wallets.




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