Hype Man

Chuck D had Flava Flav, Jay-Z had Dame Dash, Morris Day had Jerome, Biggie had Diddy, Mike Tyson had Don King, Ali had Bundini Brown…even though he didn’t need him and Lonzo Ball has his Dad, Lavar Ball.

Throughout history entertainers and athletes have had hype men. People who would be the mouthpiece for them. People who motivated them when they needed it, said the things that they wanted to say but couldn’t, people who could take some of the pressure and negativity from the star.

This is what Lavar Ball is doing in my opinion. If his son makes it, it will be viewed in spite of his Dad. If his son doesn’t make it there will be sympathy and blame because of his Dad.

Lol and judging from how often Mr. Ball has been in the news, interviewed by various sports networks and shows and the negative reactions from people on social media I must say that he is doing a great job. People were saying that they hated this man and other players were commenting on him as well. I dare say that he may be up there with President Trump as far as being disliked by people. Lol and all he is is a great father, who is confident and speaks his mind. Yes, I like what he is doing so excuse my bias.

You know, years from now, he may go down as one of the greatest hype men ever. Keep up the good work sir.

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