The Power of the P….

This book was brought to my attention so I figured that I would take a look at it…by take a look meaning skim through it and find sensational quotes to post.

The Power of the Pussy – How to Get What You Want From Men: Love, Respect, Commitment and More!: (Dating and Relationship Advice) by Kara King.

Oh boy lol. This just feels so wrong but I will entertain it. Let’s take a look at a few passages.

  1. “Pretend your vagina is worth something of VALUE. Pretend it’s a $500 bill.   Would you give a man you just met a FREE $500 bill?”
  2. “Pussy is a commodity. Men wouldn’t pay for it, if it didn’t have value.”
  3. “The woman they really want is the one who rejects them. They want to get the girl that’s a challenge and doesn’t give it up easily. The girl that makes him wait for it, work for it, and chase after it.”
  4. “Oral sex should be even harder to get than regular sex. When you find a good man and he’s everything you ever wanted, save the oral sex for him.”
  5. “While it may be technically “wrong” to mask and control your emotions for your own selfish benefit, it’s simply a necessity you must accept in order to win the game.”
  6. “In all honesty, he’s most likely going to get sex somewhere else if he’s not getting it from you. This is still GOOD! While he’s using some other woman for sex, he’s thinking about you and what it will take to get you to be his girl. She’ll be the quick piece of ass and you’ll be the woman that gives him butterflies in his stomach. He’ll use her for sex, while you’re receiving flowers and going out on nice dates. She’ll be the one hurt in the end, while you’ll be “the one” who made him fall in love.”
  7. “On the other hand, when they get all sweet because they want it, that’s called PEAK. PEAK is Pre-Ejaculation Ass Kissing. It’s during PEAK that we have the most power. Take advantage of PEAK! PEAK makes men do cRaZZzY things! Just like PMS makes us do crazy shit. Hormones are a bitch. “The Talk” is basically your first round of PEAK with this man. You can get a lot of what you want during PEAK, so don’t be afraid to tell a man what you want or expect. He’s either going to say yes or no. If he denies you what you want, then”

What I took from these passages were that vagina is like money and should be used as a bargaining chip. It is a commodity and men should have to pay for it. Be difficult as hell if you want to get a man. Don’t suck dick unless you know he is the one. Don’t be yourself, pretend to be someone else and hide all emotions in order to get a man. It’s ok for him to have sex with other women while you hold out, somehow it will make him value you more. Also that this is all a game and you must be manipulative and take advantage of the person that you are interested with.

Now I won’t lie, there are some passages that made sense to me and were very important.

  1. “Confidence is king. The only way you can begin to deal with men is through sheer confidence. If you love yourself and you value yourself, the men in your life will too. If you know in your heart you are a wonderful woman, worthy of getting everything you deserve, then you will get just that.”
  2. “Actions speak louder than words, so you want to find out what his actions say about his feelings towards you. If he is easily willing to come to your aide on a consistent basis, this is proof he genuinely cares for you.”
  3. “What If He Leaves? Women make a huge mistake by fearing if they hold out on sex, he’s going to find another girl or lose interest. If you do hold out on sex and he does lose interest: GOOD! He was just out to fuck you and forget you, so aren’t you glad you didn’t give him any? I’m serious. If you deny a man sex and he doesn’t continue to pursue you after you have rejected him; that is concrete proof he was never genuinely interested in YOU.”

All valid points and true but the overall tone feels like the only value that women bring is pussy. That’s all men want and that’s the only leverage that women have? Is this true? Does dick have value and if so how is it comparable to pussy? If this is the case what happens once men get it or she isn’t as giving with it? Is this why so many tend to step out on their spouse? You know the adage, “the only thing better than good pussy is new pussy” lol does this apply? Can something that has been created and has a foundation based off of games, deception, and deceit really work?

We can agree that it is powerful but hell, as crazy as I have done things for vagina, I have done even crazier things for a relationship. Does this mean that they are one in the same?

Don’t shoot the messenger but I must admit that it was thought provoking so if you have the free time maybe you should read it.

On another note, man I can’t wait until football comes back. I need something else to do with my free time lol.

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