I’m dating for a relationship 

Ladies have you ever met that guy? You know the one who brings it up during the first convo or when you ask him what is he looking for he tells you passionately  “I’m not dating just to date, I want a relationship “.

It’s refreshing, isn’t it? Finally, a man who is assertive and confident. You just know he isn’t going to waste your time and things will work out between you two.


Aww, isn’t that quote cute? Lol, not so fast my friend. There you go putting the cart before the horse. So many cliches huh? Lol.

While it is great that someone tells you that they want a relationship and even better if they actually ask you to be in one, make it official and all that. You still need to pay attention and take some time in getting to know this person.

Like, do you stop and ever wonder why he seems so ready? I am sure that some of your egos and friends may tell you that you are the perfect woman and any man would be lucky to have you. So of course when this man was presented with greatness he had no choice but to want you. Lol, while I love confidence in a woman that may not be the reason he made the decision.

Maybe he just likes being in relationships and does this with every woman he meets. Maybe he just needs somewhere to stay. Maybe all his boys are settling down so he feels like he has to do the same. Hell maybe (I have been guilty of this one btw) he already decided that his next relationship would be his last.

That last reason used to sound so good in principle but quite often when you make up your mind you are going to do something in advance you tend to either overlook the signs that you shouldn’t be in it or you hold on too long and end up in a situation that may be toxic or not healthy for you.

Also just because he is ready and wants to commit doesn’t mean that he is a good guy. I know a lot of abusers, liars, cheaters, thieves and bad men who were either married or in relationships.

My final point or question. What happens after the honeymoon stage and when you really get to know each other? What if you find out you aren’t compatible. What if he really gets on your nerves? Arguments all the time? Bad sex? Not compatible with the kids (if you have them)?

Do you see where I’m going with this? I think I have beaten the proverbial dead horse enough lol. Just do me a favor ladies and don’t get so caught up in that initial feeling of joy, relief or whatever it is that you completely let your guard down and end up having a failed relationship and overall bad situation that could have been prevented.

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