Sometimes I feel as if we don’t take enough responsibility in the dating process.

I’m not speaking about an actual relationship. Those rules and guidelines are pretty simple… well they should be. I’m more so speaking on almost every part before the actual relationship is confirmed.

I get it, you don’t owe anyone anything in this stage except the truth. Hell,  some of you will probably argue against that or pull the whole “well he/she shouldn’t have assumed” or “he/she didn’t ask” line. Lol as if the omission of the truth isn’t the same as telling a lie.

Issa lie.

So yes you should let them know if you are dating multiple people (not saying you need to go into all the details but give a heads up). You should also let them know what your intentions are etc. I mean why wouldn’t you tell them? Afraid they will no longer talk to you? Obviously, you like having that power or control. Lol but let those roles be reversed and all hell breaks loose.

Believe it or not, the truth usually works. I can admit that I have been able to get away with quite a few things by being honest. Not all the time but at least the majority of the time. You would really be surprised. Then again judging from all the married people that che… smh, moving on.

Have you ever been with a woman and things are going well and you seem to be on the same page? Maybe you both agree that the dating can be casual but there is sex involved. Things are going well but all of a sudden you notice changes. She starts complaining that she feels like all yall do is have sex. She gives hints on a daily basis that she wants more, a traditional relationship. So of course you address it, you remind her of what was originally agreed upon between you two and she agrees with you, begrudgingly. Everything remains the same physically but she continues with the same complaints, daily.

So what do you do? Keep doing what was agreed upon? Give her a false sense of hope by saying maybe things will progress/change or do you tell her you can’t give her what she is looking for and let her go?

Maybe you are with a man who usually isnt your type but you give him a chance. You figure things can grow or you can learn to love him or some shit. You even let him know what it is and for a minute things are cool. Yet you realize that there can be nothing between you two as time progresses. You notice he keeps pressing things between you two, passive aggressively of course and you can tell he isn’t happy and wants more. At the same time this dude is buying you stuff, taking you on nice dates and overall treating you great. Despite this you know that you don’t nor will you ever want him.

So what do you do? Tell him it’s over and tell him to use his energy finding someone else who wants what he wants? Put him in the friend zone and keep using him?  Lead his dumb ass on and keep giving him false hope? I mean food, clothes, etc. can be expensive. If he is offering might as well save your money, right?

I know what I would do but I am so curious as to what some of your responses and justifications would be. I can only imagine lol.

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