Social media is Bae

When I first wake up in the morning I check on her. No matter what I’m doing, gym, work, out with friends, anything… I still find time to check on her. She gets most of my attention. Every time something happens in my life I let her know about it. I tell her everything. She gets all of my selfies. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t communicate. No matter what changes she goes through, even if I don’t like them I remain patient and loyal to her and never leave.

Man social media really is Bae. Lol, I wonder if I ever slip up and get into another relationship what would happen if I treated my woman like I do social media?

Guess we will never know 😂 (I hope this is a joke)

Lol and some of you laughing are in relationships with people and don’t even realize that your real relationship isn’t the person. Instead, it is social media and the one with the person is more of a side piece situation. That’s why they never wo…

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