Expiration date

How long do you think it takes to get to know someone? Hell, what steps do you take to really get to know a person? How often is our perception of them tied to maybe a physical attraction or mental connection of some sort?

Have you ever met a man or woman? Maybe in a work setting, out in public, even online and they seem cool as hell. You talk and seem to click on almost every level. It even scares you a little when you see how much that you have in common.

So how do you know this is real or authentic? How do you even find out? What is the vetting process? The thing is I think a lot of us aren’t necessarily faking when it comes to who we are in regards to meeting or dealing with other people.  I am really beginning to believe that the crazy ass universe just aligns us with people for a certain period of time. Maybe a weekend, month, a few years or so and then the shit just dies lol.

Seriously, how often have you met someone and everything clicked at first? You talked all day, everything they said was funny or interesting to you. Then one day it just wasn’t anymore. Crazy thing is that you don’t even know why. You just know all of a sudden that they seem corny or not as funny or not as interesting. You no longer check your phone as often to hear from them. You no longer check your timeline as often to see what they posted.  You become indifferent as to if or when you communicate. Nothing that they did really changed either.

Crazy isn’t it?

Lol, I am beginning to believe that dating and relationships are just like milk and shit and all come with expiration dates.

Hell, maybe even some of those relationships that last forever have an expiration date. The only difference may be that while the date has passed, some couples are too stubborn to get rid of the sour milk. So they force themselves to keep drinking it lol.


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