He led me on…

Has a guy ever led you on ladies?

What exactly does that mean to you? Does he take you out on dates? Text’s fast, call’s you, treat you with respect, actually communicate, does nice things for you. However, when you asked him “what are we” maybe he answers dating or makes sure that you realize that you two are not in a relationship.

Now what? I bet you’re mad huh? Lol, I get it. Everything is clicking and feels good. He seems like the right man for you. Plus, actions speak louder than words, right? Well yes, they do however sometimes you have to look at actions and words together.

Oh yeah, and for the love of God, Buddha, Allah, yourself whatever you believe in stop viewing traditional forms of dating, courting, someone treating you nice and respectful as a sign of something else or meaning more. I texted first because you were on my mind, not because I love, you lady, sheesh. Besides these things should be expected when dating lol, at least on some level.

You also may need to learn how the guy you are interested in expresses himself. I have a friend who let’s everyone meet whoever he talks to early. Doesn’t mean you are in there, that is just how he is, hell we met someone else the day before lol. I have friends who take women on vacations and they aren’t exclusive, so once again it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. At the same time for other men, it may mean something but it is up to you to figure it out. Everything isn’t universal and all men are not the same nor do they express themselves the same.

Also… good sex does not mean that you go together. Just because your soul got snatched does not mean shit. Could have just been a good night lol.

So do me this favor, before completely going off into the deep in, make sure you know what you are seeing and feeling from men. Stop reading into things, and get that confirmation first, then maybe you won’t get lead on so often.

Now if he just lies to you or tells you something will happen and it never does? Then yes you got led on and by all means, eff his life up. Lol and by eff his life up I mean to post all those subs and memes that you post that we all find so amusing.

Totally laughing at you, not with you lol.

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