You can have your preferences…

You ever meet a man or woman and they bash your entire gender or race? Like, just make the blanket statement that we all ain’t shit. I met this woman and she complained to me about black men cheating, being broke, not having their shit together, blah, blah, blah.

I get it, I will never question anyone’s experiences or their reality, it’s not my place or my business.

I told her that I was sorry that she had all of these bad experiences with black men and that she felt this way. I let her know that all of us probably weren’t that way and maybe she just had a string of bad luck. I then suggested that maybe she try another race or maybe even talk to women.

I didn’t have the energy to say that maybe the problem was her.

Apparently, she must have assumed that I was joking or took my response as meaning more because she then proceeded to shoot her shot with me. Really? Lol, does that normally work for you? Sorry to inform you lady but  I am not here to change your opinion on black men nor do I care to prove to you that “we are not all the same”.

Not my job or concern lol.

Why do some people do this? Is it an attempt at reverse psychology or some other mind game? Maybe they think that it will make you so mad that you have to prove them wrong? Like a motivational tactic?

Kind of like the black man who tells you that he only dates white women and gives you his reasons why he doesn’t date black women. I notice that whenever someone does this on social media the response is generally anger. Black women get mad, upset and defensive. Why? Especially considering that usually, the person who made the statement is someone either you didn’t want, you didn’t know personally or even had a chance with anyway.

I admit that I respect the unity aspect, he talks about one of us he talks about all of us. I get it, you are queens, blah, blah but why does it require anger and responses? Shouldn’t Queens ignore trivial shit like this? It’s not as if you are going to change his mind and obviously, there is something mentally wrong with this man so he doesn’t deserve the attention or response. Didn’t your mother’s teach you not to engage with crazy people?

Then to add insult to injury I know women who will still attempt to change a man with this logic’s mind just to prove a point or “change his life”. You’re really going to show him huh? I am going to treat you right, spoil you, give you good sex and everything just to show you that black women are great. Talk about rewarding bad behavior lol.

I also experience this preference thing on a less serious scale. I meet women who don’t want a man with kids, maybe prefer a certain build, hairstyle, career, income, religion anything. Hell, I once met a woman who didn’t like men who didn’t have iPhones. I never even texted her back after she divulged this information lol.

Generally, when I meet people with preferences that I don’t meet I try not to waste their time and I definitely don’t waste my own time. It just feels as if I am hustling backward. Exert all of this energy on someone who just basically told me that I am not their type or find someone that thinks that I am their type? Lol, I think that I will go with the latter. If that makes me lazy, so be it.

The strange thing is that generally when I agree and tell someone that I am not their preference or that I don’t meet their standards they still want to talk to me. Why tho? Are we that screwed up as people that just because someone doesn’t want us we now want them? Being rejected turn you on and motivate you like that?

Lol, no wonder I see so many minorities attempting to fit in with Cau…. nevermind.

You have to just let people have their preferences and let them be. Why waste all of this energy? Why let people get you upset? Why let that negativity into your life? You are just giving these people the attention that they seek. That is all that they want and some of you fall for it hook, line and sinker. Every single time. Meanwhile, you are ignoring what your reality truly is. It is like some men who I hear complain that “all the women are going gay”. What women? Who do you know that did that while you were talking to or with them? Don’t you have a girlfriend or woman who you talk to that likes you? Lol. Seriously there are men out here that know all of these women who are heterosexual, hell you even complain about them getting on your nerves but the one time an attractive woman admits that she is homosexual or bashes straight men now it is an epidemic? Lol ok.

No one forces you to deal with these people on that level. No one at all, so to sit and give it the energy that some do when there are millions of other available people on this planet really baffles me.

Cut that shit out. Just out here upset for no real reason. Let these people have their preferences and go on your merry way… even if their reason is stupid as hell.

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