In trouble…

You ever find yourself watching a movie or tv show with a woman? Could be your girl, wife or just someone you are talking to. You’re watching the show and the man does something effed up, usually cheating lol and the whole mood changes. It’s almost as if you cheated or did whatever it was that upset the woman. You can usually tell by a side eye, body language or she may even make the general statement that this is “just like a man” or “this is how y’all do”.

Of course, this scenario can play out in multiple ways. She can bring up the hypothetical situation and ask your opinion or sometimes flat out accuse you of said transgression, whatever that may be. Now most men may laugh it off, call their woman crazy, or just ignore them. Then some men will actually engage and have a debate with you about the topic.

I know I will, IJS, if you’re going to ruin our nice, chill moment together it’s only right that I mess with you a little bit because of it.

I’ll never forget, back when I was in a relationship a few years ago I used to hate Monday nights. I hated them because I knew that my girl would be watching Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives. First I would see her tweets about men not being shit. Then I would notice how short she would be in her texts and then finally our phone convos would suck those nights because she would be upset or agitated. She would be so short with me lol.

The same reaction applies to celebrities in the news. If a famous man did something wrong to a woman we all did wrong lol.

You know what else seems to have a strong influence or the same impact? Music.

Let one of her favorite R&B singers make a ballad about men doing dirt and her whole mood changes after she listens to it. Especially if it’s Beyonce 🤣

Part of me wonders why don’t they agree with anything positive that is said about men? In my experience if anything positive is said in a song or something it only applies to one man, not the rest… but let that be something negative? It’s all of us.

Lol and on that note let’s speak about Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z. Brother released his album 4:44 on Friday and the reaction was interesting. As he mentioned his thought process and infidelity and apologized for his alleged wrongdoing in the relationship women had a field day. See men are trash, they cheat, they take forever to grow up x,y,z. Meanwhile, I’m reading thinking to myself I’m not Jay-Z and y’all aren’t Beyonce. I am willing to bet that their situations are not the same. We aren’t married and if the stories are true he cheated and his wife still took him back and forgave him. So now what? Lol. Does this mean all women will forgive and take a cheating man back?

It’s hilarious. It does seem that men and women like each other… hell that may be debatable and only physically. I’ll say that on some level they tend to love each other but damn if they don’t see the bad or like seeing the bad in each other. It’s quite disturbing. Like, it’s so easy to see and believe the bad that each other. If I made up two lies, one positive about a woman and one negative about a woman and did a poll with 10 men, I am willing to bet that more men would believe the negative story. Let the Amber Rose’s of the world do something effed up and it applies to all women. You let the T.I.’s of the world do something effed up and it applies to all men. It’s sad. then again it damn near feels like how kids expressed themselves in elementary school. If you liked someone you “picked on them” or bothered them quite often that meant that you liked them.

Lol, that is stupid. I’m going to request that we grow up and begin to no longer allow these negative outside forces to impact us in such a profound way. You know, it is ok to attempt to see the good in someone and be optimistic. You can do these things without being gullible or naive.

Seriously, we need to change something because it’s getting annoying as Hell.

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