Pick and choose 

So what traditions and gender roles are we keeping? I ask because I saw a video of a woman proposing to a man on Facebook and men and women went off lol.

While it was something that I wouldn’t allow to happen  I didn’t see an issue with it. As men and women “yelled” ok they typed “hell nah”, “he ain’t a real man”, “this is wrong” I just sat back and laughed.

As radical as that scenario was it really isn’t that far fetched. Hell, the idea of a woman even being able to get a damn credit card was radical until the 1970’s. Is this the same, maybe? I am not sure but we have to address the elephant in the room. Gender roles are changing.

Let’s not judge or scream about tradition now when for better or worse over the years gender roles have blurred and what we used to call tradition no longer really applies.

People play that card only when it’s convenient lol. You out here picking and choosing what changes work for you and which ones you want to keep. Now that is cool for you personally and it is cool for you when you are in the process of choosing a partner but don’t rain on someone else’s parade. Let them be great or happy, hell maybe even take notes lol.

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