I see the memes and posts complaining about this daily.

By this I mean the dreaded, what’s up or WYD or any other variation of this text from men that women seem to despise. Just look at these memes lol.


Let’s dissect these complaints. So you hate small talk and you want to talk about all of these random things. Atoms… lol ok do you even know what an atom is? The meaning of life? You know I work and need my sleep right? How much time do you really think I have in a day? How is that random conversation about far away galaxies conducive to getting to know if we are compatible with each other? Let’s figure out your views on marriage, kids, are you really single, things of that nature.  Talk about sex? Yeah right, not about to end up having you complain about how men always bring up sex and whatnot. Lol, while I get the purpose of this meme I laugh because I am curious as to if the person complaining about small talk actually has something to bring to the conversation or the ability to initiate conversation as well? I mean I get it if you are always the person initiating conversation and whatnot but if not? Stop complaining and step it up.

Then the second one and fourth one implies that a man should be proactive and should mainly contact you to take you out and date? Forgive me if I am wrong. Lol is that the only reason he should text you or nah? You can’t just converse? Hell, do you text him at times to suggest a date or to do something? I mean since you are the one who wants to go out lol. Plus, maybe it’s me but this has “free meal” written all over it lol.

This third one is just stupid because apparently, a complete sentence means more than being grammatically correct or some shit. Let me also write “laugh out loud”, “I’m just saying” and other common phrases so you won’t think I’m going to shortchange you lol. See all of this time I was wrong, that is how I can tell if I am talking to a good person, whether she abbreviates or not.

So does the man have to initiate everything? I get initiating dates and relationships potentially but also every conversation? So what the hell do y’all do ladies? I mean besides, tell the man what he is supposed to do in the dating process lol.

Like, if you hate small talk or wyd texts that only leaves me hitting you up when I have something to talk about and that may not be very often lol. Sometimes small talk means “hey I was just thinking about you” or it can sometimes lead to more in-depth conversation, IJS.

An exchange of numbers is just that, an exchange of numbers. It doesn’t guarantee anything, a text, call or date. Generally, at least for me, before I decide to take someone out I need to know a little about them or see if there is chemistry or if we vibe. I’m not naive enough to think just because contact information was exchanged you’re really feeling me. If you are just as short in your conversation as you claim I am or we don’t have enough in common or click ain’t no date. Lol and don’t give me that whole, the date is so we can get to know each other. While it is pivotal in the dating process, sometimes everything you need to know can be found out in a few texts or phone conversations.

Lol, the funny thing is wyd is basically the same as what are you up to, how are you, etc. I once had an ex who kept complaining because I kept texting daily, how was your day or how did you sleep or what are you up to. She complained about me asking the same things daily and the small talk but never texted me anything of substance either and responded so short or was so vague that there was nothing to respond to or talk about lol.

Hell, I had one woman tell me that she didn’t want a pen pal but it was obvious she wasn’t that interested because she never hit me up first and took forever to respond. Hell, not only that but she was very dry in her responses. Lol, not only did she say that she didn’t want a pen pal but she added that if I took her out maybe I could get further with her. Lol, I just told her thank you for the conversation and I wish her the best and deleted her information. If only I had the courage to call a woman the B word, that would have been that moment lol.

It’s quite amusing. You can complain about the what’s up, wyd or when you gonna see me text but are quick to ask “when are you gonna take me out” or “when you gonna call me” lol.

Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen… we really suck at communicating. Even with cell phones, video chat, social media, texting and everything else we still seem to have major fails at communication smh. Excuse me “shaking my head”. So until we stop passing the buck and not addressing our own shortcomings or issues and making better efforts it will continue to be more of the same.

Sooooo wyd?

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